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My ipod touch will not update. I'm synced to an imac running Snow leopard with iTunes 10.2.1 I also am completely up to date. When I sync my ipod it does not detect an update. Even when I manually sync it. When I click "check for update" it opens a dialog box explaining that my ipod is up to date (4.2.1). My mom updated here iPhone 4 and my dad updated his iPhone 3Gs on the same machine without issue. I really could use the features of the new update. I have checked the Apple website and my device is supported. I would prefer not to restore my ipod but I will if that is the only option. Note: I tried using my macbook pro 2011 model to update but I still got the same message.

Imac, Mac OS X (10.6.6), Was received as part of the Macbook Pro deal in 2010
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    Are you sure you have a 3rd generation iPod Touch?
    Or do you have a 2nd generation iPod Touch 8GB?

    Look at the back of your iPod Touch for these numbers. Don't bother looking on the box but the back of the iPod Touch itself....
    Which number do you have?

    iPod Touch 1st generation - A1213

    iPod Touch 2nd generation - A1288

    iPod Touch 3rd generation - A1318

    iPod Touch 4th generation - A1367
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    oh, they said it was a 3g on the deal but it is a 2g. Disappointing but THANK YOU VERY MUCH
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    I have the same problem - and same disappointment - as ffiltar. I thought my first Touch was 3G, but model # is A1288. I guess that's why I had so much trouble updating it to iOS 4.0. Even the Genius Bar didn't check the model # when I came in with my update problem. Their suggestion DID work, however: "Reset," then restore apps & settings from backup. (Now running iOS 4.2.1).

    At least my new Touch is really a 4G. I checked and it's an A1367 (updated to 4.3.1 with no problem).

    Thanks for the information!

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    i do have iTouch 3rd gen & it won't update to 4.3. it is A1318, update gets stuck at the very end point of progress bar. does anyone else have this problem.
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    I purchased mine through the apple store as a refurb 3g iPod touch but according to your models it's really a 2g? That *****.

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    I've got one of those models listed A1288. I thought it was a 3g too, but according to you its obviously not. Its started playing up now doing silly things with its apps and skipping songs, and after numerous times restarting it and restoring it and now I've discovered its not even possible to upgrade it, I think its time to buy the new one. Went elsewhere to buy it though, wasn't going to pay £190 for the 8gb one.