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When I recently upgraded to the new MobileMe calendar format, all my floating time zone events were 3 hours too early. I then downgraded. I then upgraded again to see what would happen, and all the floating time zone events were off by 2 hours. So I downgraded again.

My guess is that they were declared by Apple to be Pacific Time, and then translated first to Eastern time and then Central time.

In any case, the only FAQ in Apple's support database [1] predates this new iCal, and claims that the MobileMe calendars don't support floating time, whereas all other versions of iCal do.

I have two questions:
1. Does anyone know whether the soon-to-be-required incarnation of the new MobileMe calendar format supports floating time zones?
2. Does anyone have a good method for upgrading (read: changing) formats of calendars without having to manually change every floating time zone event?

I need both floating time zones and fixed time zones, because I travel across time zones all the time and want to see when my flights are in whatever the local time (hence: floating) and when sporting events are happening/people I need to talk to are busy (hence: fixed).

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


[1] http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2583 ... the advice that all events should have a 'standard' time zone is, quite frankly, ridiculous.

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    Just upgraded to new MobileMe as well and am having same problem with old events. I did backup my iCal before the upgrade, but not sure how to restore that now that MobileMe is in charge... and even if I restore it, not sure if the problem will just recur. Anyone with thoughts?