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    Im having the same problem i have an Iphone 4 i've just purchased the APPLE HDMI adaptor.. it doesnt work at all i've tried 3 different HD televisions, i've tried resetting my phone i've tried a full reboot and backup.. My iphone just says 'The Device is not optimized for your iphone you may encounter...... blah blah blah' (Even though its an apple device) i'm i doing something wrong? i've tried YouTube,Camera Roll and iPod and the Videos play on my phone but not on the television. do i need to activate Airplay or something i'm at my wits end any help would be much apreciated!!

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    I think I have found a solution! I just got a new hdmi cable and it worked. Try it. It just might work!

  • kitenut Level 1 (0 points)

    Has anyone found a solution to this problem yet? I have just bought the **** adapter and it simply will not connect to my new HD TV Samsung LED 5000 series???

    2 different HDMI cables, same story.

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    I am using a vga adapter, but experiencing the same issues.  It showed a video once, and never again.  I plugged in the iPhone4 of a buddy of mine, and it worked perfectly, every time!  We have the same software versions and everything.  My phone shows that the presentation is running on the external monitor\projector, etc.  but I just get a black screen on the device.  This is really frustrating!

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    I have an iPhone 4 and the HDMI dongle adapter did not work on this OS. After I updated it to OS 5 it works fine.

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    I have an Iphone 4 with OS 5.0.1 , when i use the Apple display AV Adapter (Hdmi) I get 0 signal transmission. The Iphone plays the video as if nothing is plugged in.


    I have a pk201 mini projector and when i used the dexim provided Iphone adapter i get audio and video transfer.


    Any sugggestions ??

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    I realized it doesn't mirror everything even with the new OS upgrade. Only certain apps like the iPhone photo slideshow or Netflix will display to your TV or monitor. However the iPhone 4s has full mirror capability... If your Dexim adapter (component audio/video cable connector) is mirroring your phone's display, then that's a bit of a mystery. My understanding of hardware & software tells me that iPhone 4 is capable of mirroring but programmed not to. Same goes for voice recognition and talking assistant Siri. Unfortunately to make all these functions functional on the iPhone 4 it means breaking your phone from it's confines. If your tech savvy the DIY is out there. If not then then opting for 4s model is next best thing for mirroring your display. Plus it supports video format up to 1080p, iPhone 4 only 720p. On the side note, be weary of mirroring apps. They don't mirror everything on your screen.

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    I would like to share my experience with the Digital AV Adapter that I bought last week.


    I am using iPad 2 with latest iOs 5.1, bought a new Digital AV adapter from Apple Store, connected it with my existing HDMI cable (unknown version) that came with the DVD player, didnt work.


    The TV keeps flashing and blinking on and off.  Went back to Apple Store to exchange the adapter, thinking it was the problem, went home and tried, same problem.


    Then I went to the TV shop where I purchased my TV with all my adapter and existing cable, tested with the same model they have on display, same problem.  The sales guy took their cable, worked fine immediately.

    He said that was an older version 1.3 cable.


    He took another new one branded version 1.4, problem started again, blank screen and blinking.


    So conclusion is the HDMI cable compatibility with the TV.


    To cut a long story short, The Summary is:


    1. Not all HDMI Cables are equal, there are versions and compatibility, the latest and most expensive one doesnt mean its the best and may not always work. The one that I found compatible with my tv is version 1.3 (latest 1.4), so test with a few HDMI cables, test at the shop or borrow from friends. Finally I bought the working cable from the TV shop for $15, dont get fooled by all the expensive "latest gold plated life time warranty stuff".



    2. Not all HDMI ports on the tv are equal too (apparently). I'm using a Sharp Aquos LED 40' TV with 3 HDMI Input ports, Input port 1 and 2 did not work properly, Input port 3 did.  Dont know why, I thought they were all equal contrary to my thinking.



    3. Not all HD TVs are compatible, but I found it could possibly be the combination of the built-in functions and the HDMI cables connecting to the iPad.  I test on 2 other TV models of the same brand, worked with my old HDMI cable.



    4. While a restart of the iPad maybe needed, I didnt restart but worked fine.  So try restarting if it doesnt.


    Tried it on my wife's iPhone, works the same.  Hope it helps.  Cheers.

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    That very well may be true. I also read that Apple, as of March 2012 has begun selling HDMI adapters that only work with devices updated with iOS 5.1 or latter. I have finally been  able to successfully mirror my iPhone 4 with an app called VideoOut through Cydia. Great app with lots of features. My suspiction has been confirmed that the iPhone 4 mirroring capability is not limited by hardware but by software. Only display difference between 4 & 4s is that 4 supports video up to 720p & 4s at 1080p.

    Thanks for your info!

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