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Okay, so this may be the SECOND Iphone I go through in 2 weeks

Last week, Apple had to replace my Iphone as the screen was full on shaking when it would warm up a bit... it did my head in..as you can imagine..

NOW - new phone, similiar problem..

The phone screen is flickering...I noticed it when I went to the weather application..the brightness is flickering...then I go to Facebook..still flickering, you can see it on the blue labels

What on EARTH is going on... 2 Iphones.. 2 weeks its seems!!

Iphone 4 -, iOS 4, Ios 4.3
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    Have you tried restart?


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    Reset so far

    Restore..not just yet... Iphone 4.3 software is currently downloading so when that finishes It will restore!

    anyone heard of this before?

    also..is there anyway you can put too much pressure on your Iphone to cause this?
    maybe slept on it? It was on my bed this morning..usually it is on a nightstand, standing up right.
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    I had a similar issue over the past week, reset/restart would take care of it. if it did not clear itself.
    I was at the apple store checking out the Ipad2, and asked one of the genius bar guys, he took my phone, and cleared out the 42 running apps.
    I thought the multitasking was just easy access, apparently those apps just keep running, and running, and running

    He hit the home button, slid the slide, double tapped the home button, and the 4 apps popped up, at which time he slid them just like you do the screen normally to show all the other apps on the home screen.
    He then held his finger on one of the bottom apps, just like when you delete or move an app on the regular screen. they jiggled, and a red circle with a dash appears, and he touched them each one at a time, and shut down the 42 running apps.
    I have not had a flicker since. One of the open apps was Imovie, and a couple of other high energy apps.
    I have not had a flicker since, maybe this will help