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Keith Gilges Level 1 (0 points)
You know how you hold down an icon till it wiggles and then you can move it to another page, well my iPad 2 will NOT do that! My iTouch does along with my iPhone, why won't this?

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  • deggie Level 9 (52,667 points)
    Have you tried a Reset? Hold down the sleep and power buttons, ignore the Off slider, wait for the Apple logo, let go.
  • Demo Level 10 (88,789 points)
    *If you can tap the icon and get it to wiggle*, try to slowly and deliberately drag it to the side of the screen and just hold it there for a second or two. Bring it to the edge of the screen, slide it about halfway into the next screen - don't let go right away - then see if it jumps to the next screen.
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    Thank you Demo it works,
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    A question, on my iPad 2, I can get the icons to shake, and can move them to screen to the left of the one I am on, but not to the right of the screen....any ideas?


    Thanks, Hamish

  • ScubaNut08 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks Demo.  It worked for me too except it wouldn't move into the next screen but if I drug the icon up or down along the side edge of the screen it would then move over after a couple of seconds.