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I've had my iphone 4 a couple of months and in the last week or two a red circle / spot appears on the phone icon and then disappears. I know usually when a red circle appears with a number in it then it means missed calls or voicemail or app updates or number of messages or emails. But what does the empty red circle mean and why does it appear and then disappear?

Anyone experienced the same or knows the answer?


HP, Windows XP
  • Worthy.Of.Ed Level 1 Level 1
    The empty red circle (or badge, as they are often called) in this case applies to the visual voicemail. It means that you have no data connection, so visual voicemail is unavailable. You can still check your voicemail via the regular method, by calling in. The red circle will go away automatically when you are back in an area with a data connection.
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    I have a similar problem, but I get the red dot appearing when I am in the middle of a phone call, so it's not loss of signal which means that this is happening. The red dot disappears after about six seconds of hanging up a call and there are no new voicemail messages. My husband gets the same problem with his iphone 5, and my step daughter's iphone 4s. Any ideas?

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    Does your carrier support visual voicemail? Since this is happening to all three devices, it sounds to me more of a carrier malfunction that a phone. Check with your carrier and ask if they can reset your account and make sure everything is set correctly for the iPhone.

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    I appear to have the same problem whereby the red dot appears on the phone icon without no messages being present and I do not appear to be able to reset/remove it, enven though I have followed all the various threads posted above, thus the red dot pursues, aka the "scarlet pimpernail"!


    If only I could reset it I would be really happy but no joy and I don't fancy performing a re-install of the IOS (7), so for now I'm having to live with it unless anyone out there know how to remove the "Scarlet Pimpernail"