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    Also must shut down to toggle verizon CDMA service on/off
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    Same issue with me and my Verizon iPad 2 64gig. Had trouble starting the service when I received my iPad 2 from Apple. Called Verizon an they had me turn on the cell data switch and reboot. All was good till I found this thread. I turned off the cell data switch and rebooted finding the verizon connection didn't work. It just said "searching" forever. Set the switch to on, reboot, and it works fine.

    By "fine" I mean I can turn the Cell data switch on and off and it will reconnet and act as it should. I can toggle the wifi also and it works. If I happen to reboot with the cell data switch the 3G stops working.

    Also the reboots I did were holding only the edge button down ams sliding the screen to power off, then power back on.
  • AVphile Level 1 (0 points)
    It is a relief to learn others are as perplexed and frustrated as am I! There is nothing as difficult to resolve than an intermittant problem (which is what I suffer with Verizon 3G connectivity). Especially confusing is the fact that my Blackberry Storm2 -- which is also connected to Verizon 3G and typically is exhibiting five bars -- can be fully operative and yet my iPAD 2 won't be able to connect.

    Hopefully, Apple will have a fix in the near term.
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    Add me to the list of people who have to do a hard re-boot to reconnect to Verizon's 3G service on my iPad2. The articles I've read suggest that only a 'small number' of people are experiencing this, but I have trouble believing that. I know 3 other people who bought the same model, and all have the same problem.
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    I have also found that I have to reboot the device to activate the 3G connection. It's been a minor inconvenience thus far, but it's there. I imagine Apple will solve it soon enough.
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    Add me to the list. Black 32GB Verizon iPad 2.

    About 2 weeks ago I had a meeting... I was embarrassed to not be able to connect to Verizon. I chalked it up to a bad signal inside a big office building and connected to WiFi.

    However, this morning when I lost power at home I pulled out my iPad and still couldn't connect. I know I've tried a friend's iPhone 4 Verizon in the same room with good results, so I was perplexed. I tried different rooms. Nothing. My AT&T iPhone 4 had a good signal, so I looked up the problem on Google using that, and found this thread.

    Rebooting the Verizon iPad with 3G turned on brought the signal back to life.

    I didn't want to regret buying the Verizon iPad (since I originally wanted the AT&T)... I figured it would be good to have all bases covered... iPhone on AT&T, iPad on Verizon. However, this bug is REALLY annoying, and makes me rethink the whole thing now. I'm glad there's a work-around, but I hope Apple fixes this soon! I'll be traveling across country soon and need to know I'll be able to get a connection!
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    I have an iPad 2 WiFi + 3G Verizon (64gb). I noticed the same 3G problem within days of buying it (as soon as I tried to activate Verizon 3G data). I have consulted AppleCare and the "geniuses" at the local Apple Store. No fix so far. The Apple store told me that they can replace my iPad with another Verizon ipad but I will likely have the same issue ( much for Apple saying that this is impacting a small number of customers). The Apple Store genius also took down my information and promised that someone will call me when they have stock of an AT&T ipad 2 of the same storage size, as that seems to be the only fix today. Lets see....

    This is really a pain for those that travel / commute / use the iPad outside of their home WiFi environment and depend on 3G data - which is probably a lot of people that bought the 3G iPad 2.

    I am hoping Apple comes up with a solution soon, either software or hardware.
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    Me too. Never thought I'd be sorry I left AT&T.
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    Had a similar problem, Genius Bar gave me a new device. Was out of the Apple Store in 30 minutes.

    Appears to be a software/firmware glitch that Apple will need to fix.
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    I turned off cellular data and rebooted iPad 2. When I tried to turn Cellular data back on again, it would not turn back on. I've tried everything... Hard reset and erase (Factory condition) and re-sync'd with iTunes. Dead as a nail. Unbelievably frustrating. I have an AT&T 64GB iPad 1 sitting at home but decided to take the 64GB Verizon iPad 2 on my business trip. Made a good door stop. It's going back to Apple when I return home. How can Apple let this stuff happen?????!!!
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    I am having the same problem. Hard reset did work though.
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    ccwilli3 where are you located? This might have something to do with it
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    Add me to the list. Just got my 64GB/Verizon/Black iPad2 on Thursday and tried activating in 3 different cities while traveling this weekend, all failed. Looks like a software fail... vs. network. Good thing I had my original AT&T iPad with me too.
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    what going on...? i must update the ipad 2 firmware?
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