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  • Charles Jade Level 1 (30 points)

    Updating to iOS 4.3.2 has not fixed the issue for my 16GB Verizon iPad 2.



    In order to access a cellular network, I must turn on both Cellular Data and Data Roaming. While there is no charge for data roaming in the US with Verizon, this is not the expected behavior. I know this because this is my second iPad 2. I took the first one to the local Apple Store before the release of iOS 4.3.2, and after the Genius confirmed that I could not access Verizon's network he immediately replaced the iPad 2. He said Apple was "capturing" models exhibiting this behavior. Before taking it in, I called both Verizon and Apple technical support, neither of which was particularly helpful, each blaming the other.


    My concern is that this behavior may be symptomatic of other problems that will appear later, but even if not the resale value of any "roaming" iPad 2 will be impacted by this issue. I'll call Apple and Verizon again to see what to do next, but I'm also open to suggestions. So far, I've reset the iPad 2 and restored it.

  • PabloTalleyMan Level 1 (0 points)

    The update did work for me.  I use mostly wifi but enough of the cell data to confirm that I do not have to reboot to switch the cell data on and off now.  The only thing that seem strange to me now is that I have to turn the wifi off in order to check my cell data usage.  But frankly that is pretty minor.  It shows a cryptic message if the wifi and cell data are on together.  It asked for my name and password then says the session is expired and to try later.


    The one thing that bugs me is the update explanation.  From this post the problem with the Verizon 3G was for mostly domestic users.  Apple claimed the problem was affecting only international data roaming, and a small numb of people at that.  Seems like it was everyone with a Verizon iPad.


    It did get fixed rather quickly and now that it is fixed, the iPad is awesome tech!  Now if they would only add a finder and wifi file transfer it would be perfect...  And a couple hundred built in fonts for Keynote.

  • nancyfromseattle Level 1 (0 points)

    did the update fix the issue for you?  am trying to decide whether to try it or not



  • viper1206 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes.  Update worked for me, although I do plan and expect to have repeating issues with this if not other problems.  The good thing is that is extremely efficient and corrects problems in a very fast manner.

  • rtburg Level 1 (0 points)

    The update did not appear to work for me. I have iOS 4.3.2 (8H*). Carrier is Verizon 10.0. Model is MC764LL. Modem Firmware is 2.0.4.


    I cannot connect to mobile unless I have both Cellular Data and Data Roaming set to "On". If I turn off Data Roaming, I cannot connect and "3G" icon disappears". With Callular Data turned on (w/o) Data Roaming, I see only the "Roaming" icon. Under no conditions do I see the "Verizon" icon.


    I'e rebooted. I've turned Wi-Fi on and off. I've moved around town. No luck.


    And I'm not clear what my odds of success will be if I take it to the Apple

  • barrync Level 1 (0 points)

    The iOS 4.3.2 did nothing to fix my ROAMING issue/message either.  Support at both Verizon and Apple keep pointing the finger at each other.  We another ipad 2 (same 64GB 3G config just black) and it doesn't do this at all.  It's always shown VERIZON as the network and never displayed roaming not even driving up and down the east coast.  They replaced my first one and it was fine until i activated my existing account that is still apparently tied to a certain PRL.  The second it was reprovisioned it changed from VERIZON to ROAMING.  Verizon's only answer was to delete the account completely and create a new one (after resettting the unit AGAIN).  Apple keeps saying its Verizons problem (which it probably is) but not doing forcing them to do anything.  This fix may solve some problems but not all.  Not happy paying $829 for a device that neither company can figure out.  This needs to be fixed or my wife's ipad2 is going back to Verizon store and mine is going back to Apple store so they can both share the pain.  Not that they really care or will really make a dent in their millions.  Disgusted with the entire scenario especially after the AT&T iphone 4 fiasco.

  • rtburg Level 1 (0 points)

    I first wanted to clarify my issue and report here some details of customer service experience with Verizon and Apple.


    My issue: I *can* connect to Verizon 3G, but the iPad, but I must have "Data Roaming" turned on. When I am connected to Verizon, I *always* says "Roaming 3G".


    So it appears to be an annoying UI/aesthetic issue more than a hindrance to 3G connectivity. The issue would become immediately unacceptable if I were ever billed for extra "Data Roaming" charges, because there is no way for me to determine whether I'm on or off Verizon's network. Both Verizon and Apple have said my iPad is <unverified claim> *unable to connect to a non-Verizon network and therefore it would be technically impossible for me to incurr roaming charges. </unverified claim>.


    Neither Verizon nor Apple were able to do anything to change my situation, but here's the rundown of my conversations with them.


    On April 21, I called Verizon Wireless at 1-800-786-8419. Representative asked to make sure I had most recent iOS. Then asked me to back up my iPad. Then asked me to go to: Settings --> General --> Reset -->Erase All Content and Settings. I then had to restore iPad from iTunes backup. Then turn on Airplane Mode. Go to home screen. Turn off Airplane mode. Go to home screen. Go to Settings --> General --> Reset --> Reset Network settings. Throughout the conversation, he told me how good Verizon coverage was in my area, and that sometimes Verizon leases towers in agreements with other carriers and that Apple hadn't told them well enough how to work with the iPad device. None of it seemed particularly specific or relevant. Finally, he said it wasn't a big deal, that he wouldn't escalate it, that there was nothing Verizon could do to fix it and that I shouldn't worry about it.


    Next day, I took it to the Apple Store in Durham, NC. The "genius" didn't even have me turn on my iPad before she told me that it was a known issue, said very clearly and specifically that it was "a problem with Verizon" and that there was nothing she could do to fix it. She did, however, tell me that I needed to close all applications on my iPad every day so that I didn't run out of application memory. (Double tap on home button, you will see strip of open applications at bottom of screen. Hold one until they start shaking. A red "minus" sign will appear on each icon. Click the icon to close each app.) Again, no clear relevance to my particular problem. Seemed more like a "tip of the day" she was sharing with everyone.


    My big question now: Can anyone confirm the claim: "You will never get charged for roaming on a Verizon iPad pre-paid data plan, because you can't technically roam off the Verizon data network?"

  • barrync Level 1 (0 points)

    Small world... i'm in Durham also.  I had the same experience with Verizon.  I actually was at the Apple store two weeks after they first came out when I started having the problem and they had only heard of one case at that time.  They gave me a new ipad which had the same issue as soon as i activated my original account (after sync).  Called Verizon back and they said the only thing they knew to try was to complete delete the account on their side and reset the ipad AGAIN (and there weren't sure if that would work).  They just kept saying "don't worry about it" and "you won't be charged."  That's great but so far i have NOT been able to find that anywhere in writing or policy.  And they won't send it to me in email either.  I don't trust either one anymore because neither is willing to do anything about it until it's a front page story.  Disgusted with both at this point.

  • ole from copenhagen Level 1 (0 points)

    Before the update the problem was there on occasion. After the update it seemed to go away, and I had no problems as late as yesterday. But today I can't connect with 3g no matter what. I have tried with and without roaming, I have tried to reboot and reset network informtion and tried all the advise I have seen online, but nothing works.

    FYI I am using vesion 4.3.2(8H7), modem firmware version 04.10.01, the carrier 3DK 10.0 and the IPAD 2 is 64gb 3g.

  • ethanfromraleigh Level 1 (0 points)

    Very small world...I'm in Raleigh. Has anyone made any progress on the issue?


    I'm debating on taking mine back to the store. I'm still within the 14-day return policy.


    Also, my iPhone is on ATT and iPad is on Verizon. There is quite a noticeable difference in speed on 3G.


    I downloaded the speedtest app from, and the speed on my ATT iPhone is consistently 1-3X faster than my Verizon iPad. I don't know if it's related to this roaming issue,


    Has anyone else noticed a difference?


    I'm trying to figure out if I want to sacrifice speed over coverage.

  • signalipad2 Level 1 (0 points)

    From a post earlier today:

    Just picked up a white 64GB verizon iPad 2, loving it so far, the 3g is very snappy and I get awesome speeds here in Los Angeles.


    I have never dealt with Verizon but I have heard plenty of horror stories (every service provider has them)


    Problem is I cannot access my Verizon data account via my iPad, I attempt to log in, and it can tell if the password is wrong but when I log in correctly it says my "Session Has Expired" and to contact customer service.


    I want to check the accurate Verizon data usage, not the iPad data usage figures and Verizon wont let me check my account on their website (seriously the stupidest thing ever, I have an account with you, allow me to check on it via your website)


    This hassle makes me regret pulling the trigger and dropping the extra dough on a 3G iPad but I haven't really taken it out and about around town to test out the benefits of a 3G connection. My first iPad was a 64GB wifi and I assume I will take my iPad out with me much more if it has 3G.



    Solved, called Verizon support (i went here first because i didn't expect they would be any help)


    Just have to reset the wireless settings, the guy said the whole day was calls about iPad 2s

  • MacRevisited Level 1 (25 points)

    Regarding the "session has expired..." message, I sometimes get this, when I do I just retry and then I am able to get the usage info. I have never had to call customer service because of it.

  • kristinefrommilwaukee Level 1 (0 points)

    I have both wifi and 3G issues with my Verizon iPad 2.  It is almost impossible to connect with a public hotspot - it just keeps cycling with no connection or opening of a page to gain access to the spot.  Also the 3G is usually very slow - my iPad original on ATT is often twice as fast, particularly in a building.  The issue is not the speed of the 3G connection as I have measured the speed on both but somehow how the iPad connects.


    I find that I am using more data on this unit - with the same usage patterns as with my original.  I assume that is because I have so much trouble getting public wifi - a great way for Verizon to sell data plans IMHO.


    I do have routing off.  Also - as with similar issues, it seems to work better if I turn it off completely and then back on - but that really defeats the purpose of the iPad, I think.

  • shaquehausrath Level 1 (0 points)

    Anytime its been left alone for a period of time (sometimes minutes, sometimes hours) my Verizon iPad 2 will go into a state where it won't "wake up" unless you do a hard reset. It won't respond to the power or home button. The 4.3.2 update did not resolve this problem.


    If you do a hard reset (hold home and power for several seconds), it will start back up again, but it will say:  "Restore Needed. iPhone cannot make or receive calls.  Restore from iTunes."  Yes, it calls it an iPhone for some reason.  If you connect to iTunes, you will eventually get the message:  "We're sorry, we are unable to continue with your activation at this time.  Please try again later, or contact customer care."


    If you turn the device off and on again (or do another hard reset), the device will finally start as normal.


    This has happened to me dozens of times. I have tried doing a "factory restore" 2-3 times, and it doesn't fix the problem.  Once again, the 4.3.2 update did not resolve this.


    I have been troubleshooting quite a bit to try and figure out when and why the iPad becomes unresponsive.  It appears that when Wifi is turned off, it becomes less likely to become unresponsive, but it still seems to happen eventually. 


    Is anyone else experiencing anything like this?

  • ethanfromraleigh Level 1 (0 points)

    I took my "roaming" iPad back to the Apple store yesterday. The guy asked me if I had ever had an Alltel number in the past. I told him yes, and he explained that there is an issue for iPad Verzion customers who had Alltel numbers in years past. He instructed me to call Verizon tech support, and they'll resolve the issue with my account.


    I just spoke with Verizon tech support. They weren't aware of the Alltel account issue. He verified the PRL number, and we reset the ipad, but nothing worked. He said they were aware of the roaming issue, and Verizon and Apple were working together on solution, and that there will probably be another software update to correct the issue as 4.3.2 did not.


    Has anyone resolved the roaming issue on their iPad, or have any other info?