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  • Cayena Level 1 Level 1

    Clay, resetting the network settings worked for me and I do have a 3G model. Thanks.

  • dragonics Level 1 Level 1

    resetting the network setting do work.. but the hassle of re-key-in all my network when this happened!

  • monair Level 1 Level 1

    I have this problem but turning off ,or reset setting didn't work out .... i live iran and ipad 2 3g work with irancell operator in Iran but not new one rightel and it is written no service how can i solve it ? Is anyone who can help me ?

  • jopau777 Level 1 Level 1



    Was what written in the left upper corner? I bought ipad 2 about 8 month ago, everthing worked fine, till yesterday my ipad lost 3g signal."no sim card installed". Tried to change new sim card, reboot, restore, nothing changed my issue.


    I am at Indonesia, there is no apple store here, there are only the authorized reseller.


    I think you should try to change to new sim card.

  • palestrina7 Level 1 Level 1

    I have had the same problem with my Ipad 2. Once the 3g function shut down, I could not get it back up and running, despite numerous trips to both Apple and Verizon stores, hours on-line, etc. For months.


    Good news: Verizon solved the problem with a great new gadget they call a JetPack.  It is a credit-card-size mobile WiFi spot you just take anywhere with you.  The cool thing about it is that it is very fast and you can feed up to EIGHT devices from it.  Just got one and it gave me great internet access everywhere I've been the last few days.  I don't even turn on the cellular data  because it's WiFi.  Faster, too.

    Service runs $20 per month, but since we both deleted our VerizonData accounts at $10 ea, it was a wash.  It appears to have excellent reception.  On vacation last week (before Jetpack) I paid $9.95 PER DAY for hotel wifi.  I'll never have to do that again.


    The unit is priced at appx $70, with a $50 rebate at the moment, so the whole elegant fix only cost me about $20.


    It's uber-cool, in my opinion. Sorry I can't guarantee the prices... you know how Verizon is from one day to the next!!

  • CaptainFodder Level 1 Level 1

    Hello Nixxon2000,


    I was having the "Could not activate Cellular Data Plan" error message as well. In order to correct this issue, I contacted my local Verizon reps and this is what he did.

    1) Placed my iPad into 'Airplane Mode'

    2) Changed the device from my iPad to a basic phone. (He said it was just a test device)

    3) Changed the device in the system back to my iPad from the basic phone.

    4) Performed the following on the iPad:

         A) Settings

         B) General

         C) Reset

         D) Reset the Network Settings

    5) Once the iPad restarted he did this:

         A) Settings

         B) General

         C) Reset

         D) Subscriber Settings

         E) Re-Provision Account

    6) Once the iPad re-connects to the network he did this:

         A) Settings

         B) Cellular

         C) View Account

    The iPad at this point made the connection and stated that the iPad was active on an account and you can view your account info via the My Verizon app. I went to my Safari web browser, and sure enough it WORKED!!!

  • 88KeysTC Level 1 Level 1

    Hi all!


    I remember having no problem at all connecting during a blackout due to hurricane Sandy, however, I've recently, since, tried to reconnect during my bus commute from NJ to NY. It was a futile attempt to say the least. I had a brief wifi connection, as some busses nearby are wifi-equipped. This, at least, enabled me to activate a $20.00 one-month-only account, to which Verizon gladly accepted my credit card, and verified with a follow-up email. From that moment on, I was unable to connect for two days. I was receiving error messages that my account was no longer valid, among the "Could Not Activate...," etc. message. When I read one of the posts, here, that explains the contents in the "About" listings (Settings > General > About)  I referred back to the confirming email from Verizon that displays a mobile device phone number that applies to the monthly service. When I compared it to the Celluar Data Number listed in the menu, they were, indeed, different. The iPad must have retained the old cell number from my original connection.

    While back at the office, where I receive a strong wifi connection, I applied the reset instructions explained by CaptainFodder, and voilá Connected at last!!! Thanks, Cap'n!

    So my advice to those wanting to connect randomly, from month-to-month:

    1 - Turn on your Cellular Data connection, and while receiving a wifi signal, set up your account at that point.

    2 - Compare the cell number on the confirmation provided by Verizon with the Cellular Data Number listed in the About menu.

    3 - If they are different, perform the reset procedures (#4 - #6) indicated by CaptainFodder.


    Hope this helps!

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