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    I also gave the Service Advisor this link so he can show others (including engineering) that it is not just me having the problem. I think this guy will certainly help. I have his email, phone # and full name. I will also write to every executive member of Apple with our problem. It is crazy that there is no fix yet for this
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    Make that 1001. I stopped by our store this afternoon. They reset the whole Ipad got it to work. Once I got home and connected to itunes to reinstall my aps ect. it stopped working again.
    I am going to try some of these suggestions but I am very disappointed in this.
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    I got my ipad 2 a week ago and I seem to be having the same issue. Although the wifi works fine, The verizon 3g cellular data does not work without a reboot of the device. I just hope it is not a hardware issue and apple releases a patch soon.
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    I received my replacement today. I restored my recent back up and synced. I then went to settings and selected celular data. The switch was defaulted off so I switched it to the on position. Nothing. Same issue so we must wait for a software update.
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    This is ridiculous. Im at Verizon and they been trying for over an hour to get my replacement working on 3G again in addition to the fact this POS still had the original problem I sent it in for. I can't even count anymore the number of hours out of my life I've had to waste on this just to end up worse than I started. I wasn't going tO mention but this also: the first apple rep I talked TOLD ME TO SEND EVERYTHING INCLUDING BOX, CABLE, AND CHARGER, but they only sent me back an iPad alone. I am on a mission to tell everyone I come in contact with to stay away from Verizon and ipad2. I have influence amongst my peers so I hope to hit Verizon and apple in the wallet if at all possible. This is completely unacceptable.
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    Ok, you can all thank me when the software fix comes out. After hours at Verizon with their best and longest standing employee on the case we got my replacement activated... At this point we were highly escalated through support and I finally got to tell the right person about THE ORIGINAL ISSUE THAT THIS THREAD IS ABOUT. After coming back from hold he said he spoke with engineers and finally OFFICIALLY ACKNOWLEDGED THE ISSUE. He said they will be sending a notice to all Verizon stores to ack the issue and promise a fix in a software update to come. So now the ball is rolling though I may have a gray hair to show for it. I don't see myself being an early adopter of anything ever in the future.
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    This just happened to me today and thank god for all your responses so I didn't have to waste time with either Verizon or at the Apple store. Nothing new to report, resetting the iPad seems to be the only way to get re-connected to 3G, but I wanted to record this so that Apple actually DOES something about resolving this issue.
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    Cool. It was worth it to help at least one other person besides myself. You're welcome.
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    Anyone get a case number from verizon? I was on the phone with them for the last hour (now I'm on hold). They can't find any reported issues except for the one I made.
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    Here, have them contact the Verizon Store here in Grand Junction Colorado. The local number is(970) 245-1051, 2546 Rimrock Ave # 400, Grand Junction. Ask of course for a manager. I'll try to find the two specific names i worked with but they should know what is up.
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    Add me to this ever growing list. I'm about to head into Verizon as well. The problem is so random that you really can't recreate it, no matter what you try. I've been working long enough in the field to detect and identify a valid issue.

    Thanks CPLUS for the reference. I'm going to have my local Verizon carrier contact them as well.

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    I was able to recreate the issue by using the instructions provided by JmxDC a couple pages back.

    "Turn off the 3G radio and reboot to duplicate the problem. When it comes back up and you turn on the radio it won't get a signal.

    Turn on the 3G Radio and reboot to get the signal back up and running."

    This worked for me and it was very helpful to be able to show them the issue directly because the first time i showed them but couldn'e duplicate, they were like, 'yeah, sure, we'll call you back.'

    youre welcome and good luck!
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    Thanks to everyone saving me a ton of grief and wasted time on this issue. It would seem most of us Verizon model owners have the problem. For now, turning on cellular data and rebooting works. What a pain.

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    You're welcome. Also, it would seem prudent for everyone with this issue to still report it to Apple and Verizon and reference the physical Verizon store I noted above. Thank YOU.
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    Count me in as another unhappy Verizon customer. I've spent hours on the phone with Verizon and have tried everything such as updating software, syncing to ITunes, restoring, you name it. Of course after rebooting it works fine for awhile. Everyone I call at Verizon tells me it's the first they have heard about it. Why can't they put something out in writing to confirm the problem and let us know if a fix is in the works? Wish I had gone with ATT.
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