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Hi All.

I have a 24" aluminum iMac that doesn't like to stay connected to the internet via ethernet or Airport. I recently moved and am using a Clear modem that I am directly connected to via ethernet and the modem is functioning fine. My Mac will access the internet perfectly and then then next morning not have a connection at all. Diagnostics fail at Network Settings.

I have renewed my DHCP lease, restarted both comp and modem...jumped through all the hoops with a Clear rep. Still nothing. Not using any routers or 3rd party devices to connect unless using the Airport.

We have free internet where we live and my Airport will detect the router, but will not connect to the internet. The airport reads full signal strength, so there should be no issue. I have not changed my firewall or privacy settings, so there should be no issue there either. I did recently upgrade my Firefox application.

With both the Airport and ethernet I seemed to just be getting "kicked off" the internet. Each time I get kicked off, reconnecting is more of a chore...Please help Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!

iMac G4, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Intel Core 2 Duo
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    Hi Vicki:

    Is your ISP service DSL or cable? I had DSL at one time and I was at the maximum distance from the telephone company switch and would have to reset my internet connection daily. I now have cable and its much better

    Have you tried setting your Ethernet connection to a speed compatible with your modem as opposed to Automatic? If you go into Network Utility - (Applications => Utilities => Network Utilities and note on the info page what happens when you disconnect your ethernet cable when your reconnect? I am presuming you are using a CAT5e cable?

    As far as the wireless - do you have control of the router? Is this your router - where is the signal coming from?

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    Hi Rick.

    I have Clear internet service, which does not run via cable or telephone line. I assume it is DSL. My Mac acted the same when I was on cable though, only the connection always come back after resetting the linksys router I had at the time. It only seems to drop the connection after waking from sleep mode.

    I am using a standard ethernet cable. At times, in the Network portion of System Preferences, the status of my ethernet reads "unplugged" when the ethernet cord is still connected.

    I double checked the connection speed within the network utility, as you suggested, and everything looks as it should.

    The wireless situation...I do not have control over the router. It is free wireless via a linksys router in our apartment complex (only 5 or 6 units). I have never been able to connect to this but the other computers in the household pick up the signal perfectly.

    Thanks for your help Rick. I appreciate it very much.

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    Sounds like clear internet service uses 4G and its a wireless connection. From your router to your PC you said you have an ethernet cable….I don't know much about clear, but, it sounds like you may be knocking heads with the other wireless router in your building.

    As a suggestion, and if you can change the settings in your modem, I would change the frequency channel of your wireless modem…and also check your security settings. It is preferable to use WPA, as opposed to, WEP.