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I have had my macbook for about a year and a half and i have had problems with video chatting using ichat but the problem was usually resolved by restarting or something of that nature. But this time is different. My camera works in all other applications except ichat, and instead of having the green video camera at the top of my buddy list it is a phone. It wont let me video chat or screen share, only audio chat. When i click on the i-sight button at the top, it says that this computer doesn't support video chats, but i know it does because it was working perfectly last night. When i open the Connection Doctor window and select Capabilities, it says that anything involving video or screen sharing is not possible because of "Slow network". When i click on Network Status it says "Router type: Port Restricted". This is odd to me because it has never happened and my browser seems to be working perfectly fine.
PLEASE help! this is very frustrating.

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Welcome to the forums!

    Anything here help?

    iChat won't connect for screen sharing:

    This thread has detailed information from Ralph Johns:


    It matters little, but this is the Leopard forum - you are running Snow Leopard.

    The iChat forum is here:

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    thanks for trying, but that wasn't helpful.
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    Exactly how fast should your internet Connection be ? (Both Upload and Download)

    What speeds are you getting ?
    http://www.speedtest.net/ (Use the Green Triangle - which in turn may offer a lists of nearby servers)

    You should get about 80% of what you pay for, due to the way the Testing is done and maintaining the link with your ISP.
    You may see less if you have more than one computer or WiFi phone connected and in use.

    From there what Speeds is set for the Bandwidth Limit in iChat > Preferences > Video section ?
    100kbps is too low for real world 1-1 chats. (And Screen Sharing)
    200kbps is too low for 3 and 4 way chats.

    When iChat is started Up it read the Speed the Computer can See at that moment in time and writes it to the com.apple.iChat.plist
    It uses this saved speed throughout the time ichat is Open.
    A plain restart of iChat may sort this.

    If not deleting the said .plist and restarting iChat may do it for you.

    I take it that in the Video Menu the Camera Enabled Item is ticked ?
    And in the View Menu Show Video Status is also ticked ?

    "Port Restricted" is not a block to iChat.
    iChat "Prefers" the type of NAT called Full Cone. These are just different methods that manufacturers use to perform NAT in your routing device.
    (As long as the ports iChat uses are open it will work - Mine says Port Restricted).

    8:25 PM Wednesday; March 16, 2011

    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"
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    When i used speedtest.com it said my download speed was 24.70 Mbps and my upload speed was 5.49 Mbps.

    When i go to the Video section of preferences, the bandwidth limit is grey making it unable for me to click on, but it says "None".

    The other two suggestions did not work, and yes, the camera enabled and the show video status are ticked.
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    I forgot to mention that it allows me to video chat when i am connected to my school's network, but not when i am at home.
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    So the speed tests were at home ?
    The Port Restricted Message is also at home ?

    The access to the Bandwidth Settings is different at School ?

    Deleting the com.apple.ichat.plist did not work. (you did restart iChat afterwards ?)
    Other than trying different speeds (which you say you cannot access) I did not suggest anything else.

    Try this.
    QUit iChat
    Open Terminal in the Applications/Utilities folder.
    Paste the Bold Text below into the Terminal Window and hit Enter.

    /Applications/iChat.app/Contents/MacOS/iChat -errorLogLevel 7

    This will launch iChat and create a log of what it is doing in the Terminal Window.

    When the Buddy List is loaded the Log should pause with a few lines about commNAT tests.

    Quit iChat.
    Copy the Log from Terminal to something like TextEdit.
    Quit Terminal.

    Post the Log here.

    We will then be able to see what speed iChat can "See" as it launches.
    (The lines with BDW in them)

    7:16 PM Thursday; March 17, 2011

    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"
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    Would you helping me a tad with the same problem...Here is what iChat is seeing


    140131.745036 BWD: GotBandwidth: 2931365/95551894 (up/down) @[]

    140131.745057 BWD bandwidth: 2931 kbits up, 95551 kbits down.

    140131.745063 videoNetworkCapable: 1 -- 3 max participants.

    140131.745069 audioNetworkCapable: 1 -- 9 max participants.

    140131.745073 Supports PCMU wideband for audio: 1 / video: 1

    140131.746072 vcCapabilitiesOfNetwork returns: 0x000f0fff

    140131.746092 vcCapabilitiesOfRouter returns: 0x00000000

    140131.746097 vcCapabilities returns: 0x000a0fff

    140131.746214 Found 1 cameras:

    140131.746279      Built-in iSight - 0xfd40000005ac8501 (0x101, 0x104)

    140131.747292 selectedCamera2 GUID returned Built-in iSight

    140131.747760 selectedCamera2 GUID returned Built-in iSight

    140131.748764 Selected microphone is Internal microphone.

    140145.962628 Comm reporting flags: 000000C0

    140146.083317 CommNAT result:

    External IP:

    External Ports: 44491, 44491, 44491

    CNAT_BADTEST ....... 0


    CNAT_ISPAT ......... 0

    CNAT_ISPATHOST ..... 0



    CNAT_BLOCKIP ....... 1

    CNAT_BLOCKPORT ..... 1

    CNAT_LOOPBACK ...... 0

    140146.083809 86 routing table entries found.

    140146.083840 IPv4 DEFAULT route, if_idx:6


    I am running Lion with airport extreme. 





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    Hi Tom, you'd likely get more help starting a new question over in the Lion/10.7 forums!