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    thank you so so much! i just got my track to import so now I can work on the vocals!!! you are so smart! 

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    I tried to drag a track from itunes to garage band and it would just not do it. Also added song to desktop but it still wouldn't drag Im afraid. Help.  what might I be doing wrong?

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    Don't try to drag and drop anything.  When the iPad is plugged into your computer, in itunes select it in the left side bar.  Go to the Apps tab at the top of the screen and scroll to the bottom.  There will be a section of apps that can import songs, garageband will be in this list.  Select Garage Band and there will be a button to "Add" which will open a pop up window for you to select the song that you want to add to garage band.  Once you find the song and add it it will be available when you go into garage band on the iPad.

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    only problem is this software seemes to no longer work with the latest iTunes and Quicken updates due to an issue with the core foundations dll.  which it blames on safari (which is not on my PC).  it seems to be a common issue with the software but I can't seem to find any good commentary on a solution. Has anybody found anything that works for this?

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    I was trying to get Iphone explorer working to transfer GarageBand folders and had the core foundation dll error message. The "DiskAid" program works great as an alternative, I just imported a file from a friends Ipad that he exported as a .band file to itunes and transferred to me by USB. I dropped the folder into my ipad using DiskAids import folder function and listened to it within a few minutes....I have 14 days to play with it before I have to decide if I'll buy it, but looks like it's a no brainer.


    not sure if there's a free version out there, but this is where I found the download:


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    After trying MANY different ways, I found it was simply due to an attempt to import compressed versions of my songs.


    To import a song or track into GB iPad, it has to be uncompressed. Exporting from GB Mac in an uncompressed .aif format, allows you to import into GB iPad as a track, not as a song though?!


    To export from GB Mac in uncompressed format you may have to hide the track, I do podcasts, so under Track in the menus there's an option to Hide Podcast Track. Choosing this, enabled me to Export to Disk by deselecting Compress and creating an uncompressed version.

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    elliottate, first of all, this worked perfectly! A few extra steps just to do something that Apple said you could do easily thru iTunes (or was that just a dream I had once? ) but who's complaining!

    Great work - now, have you figured out any easier ways since this?

    Again, thanks!

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    I'm still loving Diskaid, it's simple and fast.

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    Ok, so this was new - I got one of my tracks that I'd added live bass on to port over, but when I open the song, this dialog comes up...

    Screen Shot 2011-08-30 at 12.28.56 PM.pngAnybody seen anything like that?

    And anybody know how you're supposed to INSTALL PLUG-INs on your iPad??

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    As to the question at the top of this post "I want to take that track and import it into GarageBand on the iPad. I see on the My Song main page of GarageBand on my iPad where it has an option to import a song from iTunes, and when I tap on it, it tells me there are no songs available in iTunes that are able to be imported. Any suggestions?" I did this and it worked. Open up 2 itunes, half screen each. Find the song you want in one window. In the other window (have your ipod synced) go to the apps page on your ipod. Go down to the section that has the documents. Drag the song you want from the music folder on the other open itunes window into the space to the right of your gb app. You should be able to locate it when you open up gb on your ipod.I don't recall all of the specifics as it has been a while. You should have an exact digital copy. You will also need to extend the bar section a bar or two beyond the song to here the complete song. Good luck.



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    Importing a song from iTunes into GarageBand for iPad:


    I copied and pasted the solution below from someone else and it worked,but.




    Connect your iPad to your Mac and open iTunes on your Mac.

    At the top of the iTunes window, click Apps.

    Under File Sharing Apps, select GarageBand.

    Do one of the following:

    Drag a song into the GarageBand Documents list.

    Click Add, navigate to the location of the song you want to add, select the song, then click Choose.

    Sync your iPad with your Mac.

    In GarageBand, tap My Songs, then tap the Import Song button .

    Tap the song you want to import.

    After you import a song, you can open it in the My Songs browser.


    Tried this and getting the song onto a track in GB worked with no problem, except that when I opened the song and tried listening to it on the track, only a short piece of the song was available. Any ideas why the full song did not show up or why I can't extend the track to include the full song. The song is in an MP3 format. Thanks

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    Here's how I was able to import an audio file into my song...


    Connect your iPad to your Mac and open iTunes.

    At the top of the iTunes window, click Apps.

    Do one of the following:

    Drag a song into the GarageBand Documents list.

    Click Add, navigate to the location of the song you want to add, select the song, then click Choose.

    Sync your iPad with your Mac.

    In GarageBand, tap My Songs.

    Click the + button and select New Song.

    Select an instrument, amp, sampler, whatever.

    Switch to the Tracks view.

    Click the Loop Browser button.

    Click the Audio Files button. (Here you should see the list of your songs you imported)

    Drag the audio file over to your song. (This should create a new track with your full audio file)

    Click the Song Sections button.

    Add enough bars to expand the track.

    Expand the track out all the way.


    If you added too many bars simply go back into the Song Sections and reduce the number of bars to fit your track.

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    Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for.

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    Solved!  BTW, it's not a double-tap to paste the external file anymore.  There is a loop symbol at the top of the multitrack page that you tap to reveal the audio tracks you want to import.  Thanks for your writeup!