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    It works very well, but needs some figuring out.  From GB you can select Export to iTunes.  When you Sync with iTunes, click on the Apps tab, in iTunes, but when your device is highlighted.  Scroll down, there will be a File Sharing box where you can Import AND Export to iTunes.  I tried it this morning from my old PC and it worked just perfectly.  Took a few minutes to find it, but it works.

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    alls you gotta do is:


    on your computer:


    connect ipad to computer

    highlight your device

    select the 'apps' tab

    scroll down to the 'filesharing' section

    higlight garageband

    click the button 'add...' under the box

    select an audio file (AIFF, WAV, CAF, Apple Loops, AAC, or MP3)


    on your iPad:


    ok now the trick is that when you open a new project in garageband you cannot select 'copy from iTunes' because nothing will show up.  select instead 'new song' and pick any instrument.  in the track viewer select the apple loops button (loop symbol) then the 'audio files' tab.  your songs imported from iTunes or anywhere on your computer for that matter will be listed under that tab.

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    HMMM, when i tap on the help section, it just opens a blank window with lines , no writing and a done, key top right corner!!! so far am very dissapointed with garage band on my ipad 2 , used to love apple products but getting more and more frustrated with them, even tech support is  nearly at the stage of microsoft now.

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    Hi i am trying to do the same thing ...but have reached a wall. Could you please help if you have found a solution. I was very keen to use GB to make a few tracks ,for my Karaoke session.



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    You have to put the song into your iPad music library. After that, go into Garage Band and go to the part of a new song where you can see all the instruments on the bars and where it shows the notes that were played (Not sure what that's called). Then, at the top you'll see the loop button. Tap on that and go to the Music tab. Drag and drop the music you want into the song.

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    These steps worked PERFECT on iPhone 4S. keep in mind when clicking ADD in file sharing, it only shows the files in .wav format so even if you rename it, it still shows up the same title as the proper song. works great tho, thanks a ton for this one!


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    Re: Importing song from iTunes to GarageBand on ipad

    Jul 24, 2011 10:13 AM (in response to Colke01)


    Alright, I figured this out...see if it solves your problem to:


    1. Convert the file you want to import into a WAV using iTunes

    - Open itunes and click on the file you want to import into garageband

    - Go to edit>preferences and midway down by "When you Insert a CD:" there's a button for import settings

    - Click the import settings button and in the first drop down ("Import Using") select WAV encoder

    - Click OK and OK to get back into your music library

    - Right click on the file you want to import using garage band

    - Select "Create WAV Version" and a copy of the track will be created just below the original

    - I usually then rename the WAV version so I can tell the difference between the two


    2. Plug your iPad into the computer and wait for it to pop up in itunes


    3. Click on the iPad under devices in the left side bar


    4. Click on the Apps tab at the top of the iPad screen


    5. Scroll down and there will be a section that says "File Sharing" and a list of apps that have the capability


    6. Click Garageband in the list and click the "Add" button down in the bottom right corner


    7. Navigate to your itunes folder and find the WAV files you just created, select and click ok


    8. Eject the ipad and open garage band


    9. Create a new song or open an existing one and go to the screen where you can see all the recorded waves


    10. Create either a guitar amp or audio recorder track and then in the screen with all, set the curser to the beginning of the track (or wherever you want to import the song from itunes), double tap so the little "Paste/Select All" thing pops up and there will be an option to "import"


    (note: i don't think the track you're trying to double tap to get the thingy to pop up can be highlighted when you double tap on another track or in open space so the bar on the far left for the track is grey rather than that dark navy blue color)


    11. Click import and a list of the tracks you just added from itunes will pop up


    12. Select the track you want and its now in garageband


    Hope that helps!

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    Thank you so very much for taking the time to post this.  Several aspects of iTunes and Garageband, as well as Apple / Macs in general seem counter intuitive to me probably because I was raised with Windows and just recently transitioned. This solved my issue with Garageband as well as Amplitube and opened up a door of understanding into the iOS world that was previously closed to me.  Kudos to you my friend.


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    I scanned through this list, and I think it is much easier than listed above.


    The short answer is: you can import an iTunes song into any Audio Recorder track using the Apple Loops tool and selecting the Music option.


    The steps are:


    In GarageBand on your iPad:

    1.  Create a new song file.

    2.  Add an empty Audio Recorder track

    3.  Switch to Track view (from the Microphone view, which shows the recording level meter)

    4.  Select the Apple Loops icon (it looks like a loop of string on the top right of the screen)

    5.  In the drop down window, switch to the music option.

    6.  Select your song from the list, which is for all the music on your iPad. You can search by title, artist, or album.

    7.  Drag the song onto the empty track in garage band.




    You will need to experiment with the number of bars required to fit the whole song, as the default 8 bars will not fit any professionally recorded music.


    This may be a recent functional update for GarageBand, and it took some digging in the menus to find the option, but it worked well for me. 


    I can now voice over my favourite artists!

  • Darnathe Level 1 (0 points)

    One more thing.  you do not actually have to experiment with the number of bars.


    Just set the Section Length (the + sign on the right of the number of bars) to Automatic (turn the switch to On).  It will add as many bars as it needs to import the entire song. 


    Hope this helps.

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    You have to load whatever files you want into your MyMusic (iTunes) on your iPad first.  Then create a blank track in Garageband by putting some measures on it so that the "loop" icon comes on.  Tap the loop icon and you'll see "music" next to "Apple loops" on top.  Tap "music" to open up the "MyMusic" library on the iPad.  Select which folder you want to pull your file from, and then tap the file itself and hold it down till you see the "iTunes" mp3 icon under your fingertip.  Just drag it into the GarageBand track and Wallah there you go!  You have to set the amount of bars to "automatic" so that GB will create enough bars to accomodate the whole file, if not it will only fit however much bars you've created.  Hope this helps...found the answer on YouTube!  Cool Beans!!!

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    Best advice on here...thanks....worked great!

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