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  • carrie2001 Level 1 Level 1

    I was having the same problem on my school iPad and thought it was just broken, but after having this problem on my home iPad which is still on IOS 6 and I haven't updated it for a while now, I realised that there must be something I can so and it's or broken but I was just on the wrong setting!

    So I went to Settings and there should be (depending on the software) a settings for the sound,

    There should also be a slide under ringer and alerts, just slide that up!!

    Sorry if this is useless because of the different software - hope this helps!

  • KiNgKoNgX Level 1 Level 1

    Day 2: This seems to work so far. I did what Eric suggested, and set one alarm on Tuesday night for the next morning at 8:50 am. It rang, and so last night I just turned the same alarm on again and it also worked this morning.

  • KiNgKoNgX Level 1 Level 1

    It's been a successful week or so. Since I've done what Eric suggested, the alarm goes off every morning.

  • yakichan Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem here. No sound and no vibe, but the blocked screen displayed the alarm info as usual. It is the second time that happens to me.


    If I edit the alarm setting after that, it sounds ok.


    Iphone 4S IOS 7.0.4

  • yakichan Level 1 Level 1

    I think is something related to Spotify and alarms with music, or old alarms that have not been used for some time.  

  • Vmarine Level 1 Level 1

    A quick fix for those who rely on your iPhone for an alarm like I do: download a free alarm app.


    I understand that it would be better if the native alarm function worked/could be fixed reliably.

  • Kharma2001 Level 1 Level 1

    I am having same issue.  I'm done with apple.  My phone is running out of memory and it's time for an upgrade.  So I'm going android all the way. 


    Apple has become the thing they once claimed to oppose.  Apple loyals are now the people in this video...


    Apple doesn't innovate, doesn't fix and claims ownership over content we purchase.


    They are big business all the way - the customer is just a big dollar sign for wealthy investors and executives.


    Time to stop being the Borg people... break free of the Apple myth.  It was a wonderful thing at one time.  Power corrupts and Apple's core is now corrupted and rotten.


    Sad day - but all good things must come to an end.  No doubt the loyal Apple-borg will remain.  But more and more of us are breaking the bond and looking for new and innovative products... that actually work and don't try to take our money simply to "borrow" their content.

  • TombeeFl Level 1 Level 1

    I fixed this annoying problem by going into the sounds area of both native alarm app and "alarm clock" app and made one change (added a music sound or changed alert sound)

    After saving the alarms started working again. This seems to happen only after an iOS update - which makes me think the update changes the address or start point for the sound player. By adding a new entry the link gets re-located to the updated location and wa-la music or sounds work again.

    What a PITA - but this has fixed it every time.

  • Hadnich Level 1 Level 1

    This seems to be a regular issue for a lot of people. It is surprising that nobody has come up with a solution yet. The fact that Apple doesn't even address the issue anywhere is very telling.


    This has happened to me on my 4s, 5 and 5s phones. It happened with the apple alarm and with third party apps. I have replaced my alarm app at least 4 times over the past couple of years trying to solve this. I even purchased an alarm app to try to resolve it, but this morning, it happened again.


      I  did not update my software yesterday, and I have done nothing different with my phone since the last time. I woke up 20 minutes late and saw the alarm was going off silently. I raised the volume- nothing. I flipped the silent switch (I am ALWAYS on silent)- nothing. I  tried a test with a later alarm (preset), still no luck. And this is all on a 3rd party paid alarm app.


      Later, I changed the time on one of my preset alarms for another test, and it worked. It seems that the  solution is to reset my alarms on a regular basis. The iphone  gets bored with the same old alarms and you have to take it out to dinner and spice things up every now and then before it will put out.

  • bryu27 Level 1 Level 1

    Just had this issue happen to me for the first time. I'm using an iPhone 5S with recently upgraded to iOS 8. My alarm went off fine the first time it was supposed to (9AM) and I hit snooze. I expected to wake up at 9:09 but luckily woke myself up at 9:17 to look at my phone and found the alarm looked like it was going off, but there was no vibration or sounds. How could this be since it went off fine with all my settings the previous few days with iOS 8 and now randomly after hitting the snooze once???


    Guess I should invest in a solid alarm clock. This reminds me of a Seinfeld episode....

  • sarthak26 Level 1 Level 1

    Check ur alarm settings

    See the repeat alarm column

    If it is set to never set it to every day or whatever day u want it to ring

    Also try upgrading d ios version


  • atrout980 Level 1 Level 1

    MY wife has this same issue: alarm is shown as going off on iPhone screen, no sound or vibrate. She has an iPhone 5S, running iOS 8.4.1 this has been an ongoing and intermittent problem for her (I use a regular alarm clock). It's disappointing to see no solution still After all this time. Maybe iOS 9 will fix it!

  • KiwiNat2013 Level 1 Level 1

    OH wow. I was having this trouble too.

    I double clicked on the alarm to check the repeat and the "sound" was set to none.

    I didn't turn it off so not sure what's happening. But it's working now!!!

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