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We bought a MACBook Air and a printer with wifi Airport. Everything works fine and the Macbook is a wonderful device.... but there is something very annoying. I am simply unable to install the printer drivers properly, apparently because the MBA does not have "Rosetta" software.. AND this can not be installed. Full stop. Not from the USB stick with the re-install software or from the web. and apparently I am not able to get a CD with it on it to install it from the store according to Applecare. Despite advise to the contrary through this forum, I am unable to find Rosetta online for download and this is confirmed by Applecare. Applecare also advised that Apple was working to find a solution.... hmmm... Meanwhile, I would appreciate any advise to resolve this. Is this a clumsy oops by Apple or am I misinformed? If so, please let me know.

MAC Air 13", Mac OS X (10.6.6), iPad & CD Drive
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    have you tried this already:

    +*How do I install Rosetta so I can use PowerPC-based applications?*+

    +When you try to open an application that was designed to run on a Mac with a PowerPC processor, Software Update will display a message that says "To open <Application Name>, you need to install Rosetta. Would you like to install it now?" When this message appears, click Install to download and install Rosetta.+

    +If you cannot use Software Update:+
    +Start up your MacBook Air from the MacBook Air Software Reinstall Drive to reinstall Mac OS X.+
    +When the Install Mac OS X screen appears, click Customize.+
    +Click the box next to Rosetta and click OK.+
    +Click Install.+
    +To bring your computer up to date, use Software Update after Mac OS X finishes installing.+


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    Thanks for that excellent information. Good to know the Rosetta is on the little USB stick. I am baffled that Apple Care in the Netherlands did not know this even after consulting several times with the backoffice/2nd line support. Very friendly but... What I did in fact was to borrow a CD from family and use the optional install feature to install Rosetta from there and it worked. Still baffled why this was necessary but no doubt someone will baffle me with some reason.

    Many thanks again!
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    All seemed to go well with the installation. But.... trying to print anything results in the same error message: cgpdftoraster unsupported colorSpace: colorSpace = -1, colorOrder =1, bitsPerColor = 1.

    Great. (not). I have yet to find a trouble free printer. Unless I get some solutions through this forum, I am taking this product back to the store as well. Any words of wisdom on this one... Printers just seem to be a real pain in the neck either to install, or to keep going or with ink cartrigages with region protection of some kind... bahhh. Not impressive at all but hoping for some help.
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    Strange as it may sound, Apple's system software already has printer software, drivers, etc for most major printer manufacturers. Installing the software from the manufacturer only makes matters worse. I'm not sure why this is not made more obvious. Have you tried to use your printer without any additional software installation? Go to System Prefs and then the Print and Fax option. Click on the little plus sign and see if you can add your printer. Of course, it needs to be connected to the network for this to work.
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    Astonishing. Your suggestion worked. Thank you. What a relief. Very much appreciate the help. You are a star.
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    i had the same problem and i didn't know what to do, but you said worked, thank you very much. you're awesome.