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Imac OS 10.5.8 Cannot move icons or folders around, I can move my windows thou... cannot paste anything and clipboard has failed as well... lost my network connection too I have tried everything
All other functions work fine WEIRD

I am loading combo upgrade maybe it will fix this.....?


If you want to edit my post help me first or go away

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I-mac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
  • Mac OS 9000 Level 2 (270 points)
    Calm down, I have had worse issues.

    And it's Mac OS, not Imac OS (in fact it's "iMac").

    It sounds like your Finder is not responding. Have you tried relaunching Finder? If you tried that and it didn't help, then your Finder is messed up. Reinstall the OS.

    Have you tried rebooting?
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    Thank you for responding, Yes I have relaunched it if you mean force quitting it to do so a few times, I can't reinstall OS... The, lets say person (to be nice) took all my discs for everything at work when he quit... I did backup everything on here but I have color profile settings and graphics programs that I use daily... Not really a option! the "iMac" does work quite well the way it is, just that I can't move items around or paste and Illustrator is corrupted for some reason all of a sudden How does this happen?
    I have consulted 4-5 Mac users no one has gone through this I have tried renaming the desktop resetting the view options and repairing the permissions with disk utility and I have even downloaded OS 10.5.8 combo from here it actually runs faster but still has same errors... Can I replace just the finder some how?
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    try this:

    (a) download the [_*Mac OS X 10.5.8 Combo Update*|]
    (b) reboot into _*safe mode*_
    (c) launch *disk utility* (in applications/utilities), +verify disk+ and +repair permissions+
    (d) run the combo
    (e) after running the combo, let the Mac reboot normally and +repair permissions+ again.

    do the problems persist ?
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    OK, Thank You for your help Jolly, I just went through the steps in the order that you told me it still does the same thing!

    I am also having a problem with google chrome now won't "connect/something went wrong while displaying your page"... Firefox and Safari are fine..., and my network server connection is still telling me that the the text entered is in a unrecognized format... it has worked for 4 years no changes. I have asked two more people who have used macs 10+ years too they have all told me change the view options on the desktop IT DOES NOT WORK!

    Is there something in the system folder or preferences that I can rename or reset by throwing it away or can I copy a finder off another Mac and reboot?

    Maybe the Clipboard?

    I'm Tired......
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    Cannot move icons or folders around

    Around where? I they are all massed on the Desktop:

    Performance tip: Keep the Desktop clutter-free (empty, if possible)

    Mac OS X's Desktop is the de facto location for downloaded files, and for many users, in-progress works that will either be organized later or deleted altogether. The desktop can also be gluttonous, however, becoming a catch-all for files that linger indefinitely.

    Unfortunately - aside from the effect of disarray it creates - keeping dozens or hundreds of files on the Desktop can significantly degrade performance. Not necessarily because the system is sluggish with regard to rendering the icons on the desktop and storing them in memory persistently (which may be true in some cases), but more likely because keeping an excessive number of items on the Desktop can cause the windowserver process to generate reams of logfiles, which obviously draws resources away from other system tasks. Each of your icons on your desktop is stored as a window in the window server, not as an alias. The more you have stored, the more strain it puts on the window server. Check your desktop for unnecessary icons and clear them out.

    Keeping as few items as possible on the Desktop can prove a surprisingly effective performance boon. Even creating a single folder on your Desktop and placing all current and future clutter inside, then logging out and back in can provide an immediately noticeable speed boost, particularly for the Finder.

    And it is why Apple invented 'Stacks' for Leopard.

    Here is Apple's take on the subject:

    Another possible cause is that your hard drive is too full. Do you have less than 20GB free space?
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    Thanks for the tip but no, I wish it were the problem that would be easy!
    Yes from time to time I can accumulate a lot on the desktop but when all this happened I had about 8 items/images I have been using Macs since 1989 I know all about clutter, I have been doing a pretty good job of cleaning up LOL!

    I have 327gb of space left that is way more that plenty.

    Let me rephrase... I can not physically as in drag/more or drag into another folder or move/drag folders I can move my opened windows around no problem and.

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    I just Zap the Pram still no change... checked network connections... still the same.

    computer works fine except for my problems stated above...

    But, I do want to add that the System preferences-Desktop/Screen Saver has been malfunctioning for at least a year locking up will not change desktop picture maybe part of my other problems...?

    Question would a bad/malfunctioning thumb drive cause the ports to lock causing me this grief? I had a bad/Cheapo thumb drive that died last week...

    Maybe a Font problem...?

    I have had a eMac 4G at home with OSX 10.2.8 with 8GB left of space running for 8 years never a problem

    Someone else give me a shot!
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    I'm looking for my wifes Mac Discs so I can repair the hard drive if anybody can come up with something on my problem please chime in...
  • William Boyd, Jr. Level 6 (10,515 points)
    Duuuuuuuude wrote:
    I'm looking for my wifes Mac Discs so I can repair the hard drive

    You don't need those to do that repair. If you boot into "safe mode" (, OS X will do the equivalent of a Disk Utility "repair disk" operation.
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    Thanks for the info....but I did just tried it again and no luck still the same I have rebooted into safe mode at least 5 times now.

    Someone at work says it could be a font problem. they said Font Book is no good...

    I can't drag anything into the applications folder to run a repair or different font app...

    I'm gonna try to reload the OS
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    Still no fix... I hope others on here that have a better knowledge of repairing Macs get this problem maybe then it will get fixed!

    I found other sufferers of this affliction on this forum...

    Someone should be concerned....

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  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,745 points)
    Try this:

    Delete the hidden .DS_Store file associated with your Desktop folder. Launch the (in /Applications/Utilities/), copy & paste the following command into the window that pops up, hit the return key, quit the, OPTION-click and hold the Dock's Finder icon, and select Relaunch:

    rm -f ~/Desktop/".DS_Store"

    Now, set the Desktop as desired, log out and back in, and the Desktop should be as it was as you last set it.

    Please post back with results.

    (source: Baltwo in a thread from last year)
  • Duuuuuuuude Level 1 (0 points)
    I just followed your instructions Nothing Happened...
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    You said this is only on your desktop? Try deleting your Desktop folder then making a new one. Of course, take all of the stuff off of it first. You will probably have to do this with Terminal or on another startup disk.

    However, my best guess is that some PLIST settings file related to the desktop is corrupted. My brother once couldn't change his wallpaper due to a corrupt PLIST. However, I have no idea which PLIST you should delete.
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