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Help! Since the time change, neither my Iphone 3G nor Ipod classic will sync with Itunes.
I unplugged Iphone after receiving can not sync messages. Plugged back in & Itunes did a restore. However, upon starting to sync, message re-appeared that it could not sync. I unplugged Iphone and it is still functional.
However, when tried to sync Ipod, syncing continued overnight (about 12 hours). When I awoke this morning, PC was frozen and had to hard boot it. I then went back into Itunes and Itunes did not recognize that my Ipod was connected. I ran diagnostics and it failed at recognizing Ipod. Ipod is frozen with message "Connected, Eject before disconnecting' and is not functional. I have sent diagnostics to Apple and am waiting to here from them. However, thought I'd check here to see if anyone else had encountered this issue. I am totally lost without my Ipod and can not run or workout until repaired. That may sound silly. But it really helps me mentally through workouts.

Dell Studio 7, iOS 4
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    Update: OK! I am not sure what happened because I have tried this all morning. I held down the menu key on Ipod for about the 12th time. This time it rebooted. Ipod is functioning and appears that it did sync. However, I am not yet confident about connecting it to Itunes. I may wait until I am ready to purchase more tunes in a few weeks. LOL.