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Hey all,

A few days go I tried to boot into SL, but was unsuccessful. I noticed the boot up screen (Gray apple + spinner)... However, this time around, I also noticed a status/progress bar directly below the spinner.

After about ~20 seconds, the computer would automatically shut down without getting anywhere.

I can get into Boot Camp with no issues. I can even access my Macintosh partition from Windows without any issues. The files are also working fine.

My attempts to reinstall SL has been hampered by the error message in my subject. Is it necessary for me to remove Boot Camp and recombine it with the primary drive before the installation? Is it possible to keep BOOT CAMP intact?

I'm tempted to try to just "format" the Macintosh drive without touching Boot Camp, but I want to field some suggestions before I proceed.

Any thoughts?


iMac Late 2010/Macbook Early 2008, Mac OS X (10.6.6)