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I bought Final Cut Express and the learning curve is straight up. Does anyone know of a good site where Express is taught without having a 90% knowledge of it already. I have 15+ years of experience with computers ; photoshop , etc and I am totally confused. It seems like everyone is on this forum asking every question under the sun. How to "click" here , how to "click" there. I do not have 2 years to learn this??????
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    maddog11 wrote:
    ... How to "click" here , how to "click" there. I do not have 2 years to learn this??????

    Professional editors tell me, it is a life long learning process ...

    FC/e is no consumer toy, as iMovie. And, indeed, 80% of its fantastic features can not be found by clicking here, clicking there.

    As most of us here, I would recommend to purchase a book of FinalCut Mastermind *TOM WOLSKY* (who participates here), he explains very hands-on, in a non-techie tone, how to wrestle that beast.
    First steps are hard, but after a few hours you should be able to understand the concept of that app, the basics.

    I made the mistake, after being for 6 years a die-hard iMovie user, to start with the obligatory wedding-video, a 2h master piece. after 3 months of 'work' and frustration, I trashed it, got totally lost. learned the app - now, me happy. (the wedding video was finished by a professional editor)

    A word about Tom's writing style: English is not my native tongue, so, I when I say, it is easy to understand, you should either ...
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    My list on this



    Diana Weynand
    • Final Cut Express, Video Editing for the Digital Enthusiast Apple Pro Training Series

    Tom Wolsky
    • Final Cut Express 4
    • Final Cut Pro 6 - DVD course

    on net

    Israel Hyman
    www.izzyvideo.com/learn-final-cut-express/ - VERY GOOD

    Tutorials fcp


    Yours Bengt W
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    I can appreciate your frustration and I suspect you would like to get started today, without having to go out and purchase things.

    So download the IzzyVideo FCE 4 free video tutorials that Bengt listed, and watch and listen to how easy it can be.

    Click on this link to download: http://www.izzyvideo.com/learn-final-cut-express-pt1/
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    Good list & love your "tinyurl."
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    Hi Maddog - I can understand your frustration with FCE because I had to work through it too. The good news is that when you get the hang of it FCE is really quick, easy and pleasant to use. The problem is that there does not seem to be any logic behind how things work (until you know how to do it). I found Diana Weynand's book ( I might have spelled that wrong) useful. But by far the easiest way to get moving would be to try to get someone to talk you through it as you do it - even over the phone. What part of the world do you live in?

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    I would agree with whomever recommended Izzyvideo. Had been using FCE for over a year when I came across this webiste - sure wish I had seen it earlier.
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    I found the right tutorials and now it is 1000% easier!!
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    If you are more of a visual learner I would suggest you look at the "New York Video School" on line. Do a google search, as I'm not good at the "url"'s tags.

    There are hundreds of courses they offer in every aspect of learning the program. They break it up into 3-10 minute segments and you can keep track of your progress and revisit each course as often as you like. It was some of the best classes on learning final cut I've found for only $10 a month. This is for unlimited access to the schools courses, which teach all manner of knowledge base learning as it pertains to videography and editing skills. I am a student, not a paid salesmen.
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    Izzy Video