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I purchased the 17" MBP dual-core 2.4ghz i7 with 8gb ram last March (with a student discount) for $3200.

I am very dissapointed to see the new 17" MBP quad-core 2.4 i7 with 8gb ram selling for $2700 (with a student discount)

I do alot of audio production & engineering so I really need all the power I can get when I'm on the road. I want to upgrade to the quad core but I'm having trouble selling my 2010 model for anything over $2200. my laptop doesn't have one scratch or dent & runs flawlessly. Also has apple care protection for another 2 years. I just think losing $1000 in 1 year is not worth it for the upgrade. This doesn't make any sense to me at all... Why did Apple lower the price so dramatically? Are these new quad-core MBPs not good or something?

I would like your opinion on this & what I should do.


17" MacBook Pro 2.4ghz i7, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    You didn't "lose" $1000 in one year. You paid $1000 to have and use the fastest Mac that was then available for a year.

    I paid $2500 in 1984 (and those were 1984 dollars!) for a Mac that had 128KB of RAM, a 9" diagonal black and white (not grayscale) screen, no hard drive, one 400K floppy drive, a second 400K floppy drive for an extra $500, and an impact printer for another $500. Have I "lost" all that money now that that hardware has no value at all? No: I got great use out of that computer. I paid what it was worth to me at the time.

    So did you.
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    1. you've had the machine for a year.
    2. you take the biggest hit in depreciation the first 1-2 years with big ticket items.
    3. you are only losing $500 as the replacement cost is $500 cheaper
    4. does your current mac run that slow? how much do you really need for audio work? I know a guy that's done plenty of that work on his 3 year old macbook... for international clients too.

    stop complaining. the rest of us aren't gonna wait for updates because of this... you can save some money by not opting for the RAM and CPU upgrade (the 2.3 is not worth the $250 imo, mine is more than fast enough & I'm recording/compressing HD video!). do the ram yourself. the 256gb SSD might be worth it, otherwise opt for the 7200rpm HD at no cost. I spent $50 on the anti-glare screen & really like it.
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    The computer industry has been doing pretty much the same thing since it started... Performance goes up while prices go down. You've had your machine for a year. If Apple can produce a better product and offer it at a lower price, there are lots of people looking to purchase a new machine who will be very happy about that. It certainly doesn't make sense to not remain competitive just because they offered "X" product last year at a higher price.