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I'm importing a Pages document that I created on my Mac Mini at work to edit on my iPad 2. I'm having a problem in that there is a terrible lag time as I edit -typing, deleting, adding text, etc. I can push 5-10 keystrokes before anything actually happens in the document.

This is very frustrating. Can anyone provide any answers?


Macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.5), MacBook Pro 2.4 ghz, 4 meg ram, 250 gig hd 5400 rpm
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    No answers as to cause, but you could try resetting your iPad to see if this clears the problem (Press and hold the Home button and the on/off button at the same time until the Apple logo appears (about 10 seconds.)
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    Must be a iPad 2 problem Sure do not have that problem on iPad 1
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    OK, I've reported the problem to the feedback link provided. Am I supposed to hear something from Apple?

    This is crazy. I'm preparing the document in Pages on my Mac Mini at work, saving the file to iDisk, and then importing it from iDisk onto my iPad 2.

    The text imports properly, but then when I try to use bold, underline, italics, or change the color or size of the font - nothing!

    Is anyone else facing this problem? Any other suggestions?
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    vie also been facing really long lag times on my pages..Whats worse is that whenever it lags, it double hits my buttons. e.g if i press ' i', 'ii' comes out. This problem only happens on my pages..Not my notes or on safari. Any thoughts?
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    I'm am also experiencing the same problem. My pages for what ever reason has a delayed response time when i input text. I just noticed this after installing ios4.3.1, don't know if that has anything to do with it but it is much slower now. That is the only issue I have come accross for now. Has anyone figured this out?
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    I'm using an iPad1 with iOS 4.3.1 and I notice no delay in entering text into pages.

    Perhaps try deleting and reinstalling the App.
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    I have the same problem with an iPad 1 with iOS 4.3.1 and it is impossible to use this App...
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    I don't know if either of these threads will be of any use to you but take a look just in case. These two points stand out to me:

    1. If an imported document contains fonts that the iPad does not have - that seems to cause slow typing issues.
    2. The other weird thing seems to be that imported documents - created on their computers and sent to the iPad - cause slow typing issues.

    One poster said his "fix" was to send the file to the iPad, then back to the computer, then back to the iPad and the lagging ended. Read the post by User jgiano2 in the first thread - next to the last post.

    The second thread talks about font issues causing problems.
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    If iOS devices run slow I usually just clear the temporary files this usually helps. Go to the device settings menu, go to safari, scroll down and clear history cookies and cache. Hope this helps. BTW I am typing on an iPad 2

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    This fix worked for me on my iPad2.  My problem was slow typing of anything.  I could type an entire sentence and nothing would show up until the end of the sentence.  Then the letters would appear slowly.  Don't know if the problem is only with the iPad2, but this never happened on my iPad1.  This was a really frustrating problem.  I even deleted apps. Because someone told me the problem was caused by my apps. Using my current location.  Thanks for the help! 

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    I now have iPad2 (A5 dual 512MB )  and iPod4 ( A4 solo 256 MB ), both loaded with iwork 1.5 and iOS5 . Let me report :


    I think Apple accidently have optimized iOS5 and apps  too agressively for the A5 processors of ipad2 and iphone4s. - ipad1, ipod4 and iphone4 run on the A4 chip.. and these are the devices that lag the most.


    My keyboard is set to german plus additionally 2 international keyboards, so I can switch input characters when typing.


    From what I see : on pad no typing issues so far - all can be left as it is.


    iPod had severe issues in typing. SO I started digging around ( I even restored iOS on it it, but no cure ).


    To make a long story short -- in iPod4 it helped succesfully to


    disable the auto-completion and auto correction features in the keyboard settings and do a reboot:


    where you can shorten often used phrases like: "otw" = "on the way" - I hope you know what I mean. Delete them all. Pages seems to lag on the iPod in such a way that it tries to foresee what I am going to type, "thinking" if it is a sentence or a phrase and if it needs correction..  The A4 cpu ( same as in iphone4 ) seems a bit overloaded with this. And to make things worse the tight memory of the iPod adds to the bad performace. The iPad2 has a faster processor and double the Ram ( this would match also the iphone4s hardware ) , and like I said the issues there are non-present for me on the pad.


    Additionally it helped to limit spotlight search radius, so that it not constantly monitors changes in the device ( apps,contacts and music only for me  - as these do not change that often and with a one time index it is done).



    iOS5 is buggy in very few features, but there heavily. The high cpu/memory usage, the fast battery draining are the worst. I positively see the 5.0.1 update coming soon to adress this. Reports from Developers and a vague anouncement from Apple to adress "battery life" soon indicate there is help on the horizon.

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    It's happened to me too, not only iPad 2 but also with iPhone 5 I cannot type anything because it was lagged, upset.