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I have attempted downloading Itunes 10 64bit on my new ASUS PC with Windows 7. It starts to download then "Freezes" at about 20-25mbs. I am using agood broadband connection. Is the software available on anyother media ie: CD rom?

Asus PC, Windows 7, Ipod 3 gen
  • polydorus Level 6 (11,960 points)
    Try using a different browser.

    You can get a friend to download the installer for you from another site and put it on a USB memory stick if you can't get the download to work.
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    I have an ASUS with Win7/64 and had no issues with download and install. However I have lots and lots of other issues since installing the update. Those I will post separately.
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    so you were able to install the itunes then?
    ive had issues since installing the latest itunes update, itunes keeps locking up
    but i think my issue is a virus, have you scanned your comp for that?
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    I have iTunes 10.2.1 running on ASUS Win7 64 bit.

    After the upgrade to iTunes 10.2.1 I had major problems syncing. I had not had issues previously. I keep my iPhone locked but previously I could just plug it in and iTunes would start and the iPhone would sync. Now I have had many error messages, such as:
    A folder was specified instead of a file.
    A duplicate file name was specified.
    An internal device error occurred.
    The required file cannot be found.
    An unknown error occurred (0xE8004006)
    There are too many files open currently.
    iTunes could not back up the iPhone "myphone" because the backup session failed.
    A connection could not be established to the iPhone.

    Not all errors occurred at once, but during the many hours I worked on the issues. My troubleshooting went in this order:
    shut down iPhone and try again to resync -- still received connect errors.
    reset iPhone (hold down top button and home button about 10 seconds) -- still errors.
    deauthorize and reauthorize my computer -- still issues.
    uninstall all apple programs in an order specified by apple and download and install the latest version of iTunes (latest was already installed, but reinstalled it) -- still errors.

    Then I saw an entry by someone about unlocking the iPhone. I did this before connecting the iPhone to the computer and it connected. However, I still had other errors.

    I configured iTunes to not sync with Outlook email, calendar, notes, etc. Only synced with Contacts. I also unchecked many of the apps to be synced. I finally got it to back up and complete a sync (according to the iTunes message). However, my Outlook contacts did not sync properly. That is, a new Outlook entry did not come across. Maybe other issues but not sure yet.

    Also, the iTunes sync is very, very slow and iTunes appears to freeze during the sync. That is, the iTunes window cannot be repositioned and if I open another window and close/minimize it, the image remains on top of the iTunes window and does not clear.

    Bottom line, it appears to sync now but with limited results. My apps now work after the second somewhat successful sync whereas after the first sync an app would open and then immediately close (except for the bundle of apps that came with the iPhone). I am not satisfied and all is not well. I am still experimenting and trying to regain all functionality.
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    Regarding the virus question: I have Norton Security Suite installed and it does a full scan on a weekly basis and other smaller scans daily. No virus' have been reported.
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    Having similar problems and reported it to http://www.apple.com/feedback/ in the hopes that they manage to fix whatever bug came with the upgrade. Several people appear to have the same issue or variations of it.