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Curious to learn just how this could happen, as it did to me. I decided to download the XCode from App Store when Apple offered cheaply to non-registered people. I was running install in background when Safari crashed (I am completely up to date on OS/app releases, running Mac Mini). I quit everything but installer. After a couple hours where the progress bar didn't move, I manually powered down and restarted. When next I got rebooted (had to use a DVD, Snow Leopard) ALL of my mounted volumes -- internal, external Firewire (3) and 1 USB -- were empty of files. Partitions were there, but no data at all. Even my Windows partition (on internal) was erased. The only one that survived was an unmounted tech drive that I use when defragging, etc.

Fortunately my techie here says he can recover, I hope he's right, as this was the source files and backups for everything that was erased. I have way too much data to consider using iDisk or cloud  (nearly two terabytes counting duplicate backups), but figured all source files were on external drives, plus backups of these on external, plus two external backups of the internal system drive, I was safe from hard drive failures. NOT SO! How could this happen during an install? What was XCode doing? TIA for any and all help...

Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.6.6), installing latest XCode
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