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When there is a convo between a group, or an email sent directly to me (with others CC'd), when I "reply all", it puts my email in the cc spot.

I do NOT have the "cc me on everything" checked in preferences. I have checked my address book and made sure there is only 1 entry for my email. It doesnt matter if i was a cc or it was sent directly to me, I am always included and when I send I get an email in my inbox from myself. I have to physically delete my contact from the reply all email to not receive it.

some technical info. the email address i use is gmail. that in turn forwards to my mobile me account. Mobile me pushes to all my devices. its mobile me that is set up on my mac mail NOT GMAIL. The outgoing server is setup to send through gmail, though, so that people see emails as coming through my gmail, not mobile me. hope that makes sense and you can help! thanks!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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