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When I tell iTunes (10.2) to Consolidate and Organize my media, it copies all my songs fromiTunes-iTunes Media Folder-Music up/back one level and puts them in the "iTunes Media" folder - at the same level as Books, Movies, etc.. It actually un-organized my song files! Any help?

MacBook Pro 15", Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Here are typical layouts for the iTunes folders:

    If you have upgraded from version 8 (or earlier) to iTunes 9 (or later) at some point, then your media folder (everything inside the red outline) may still be called *iTunes Music* instead of *iTunes Media*. The extra Music folder inside the media folder is used if you have allowed iTunes to *Upgrade to iTunes Media Organization* (iTunes 9) or used *File > Library > Organize Library > Reorganize files in the folder "iTunes Media"* (iTunes 10). Depending on your choices for *Keep iTunes Media folder organized* and *Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library* plus a little bug in which one build changed the name of the file storing the choice of layout it is quite easy for some of your files to be organized according to one layout and some the other.

    Assuming you're happy letting iTunes organize your files the following steps should tidy things up (should it be necessary):

    1. Select *File > Library > Organize Library... >* Tick *Reorganize files in the folder "iTunes Media"* and click OK. Skip if this option is greyed out (already upgraded) or you prefer the older layout.

    2. Select *File > Library > Organize Library... >* Tick *Consolidate files* and click OK. This will bring any files currently organised outside the designated media folder into it.

    3. Select *Edit > Preferences > Advanced* tab, uncheck *Keep iTunes Media folder organized* and click OK.

    4. Select *Edit > Preferences > Advanced* tab, check *Keep iTunes Media folder organized* and click OK. This triggers iTunes into reorganizing everything according to your preferences.

    5. (Optional) Close iTunes, rename the folder *iTunes Music* as *iTunes Media* then restart iTunes. Check under *Edit > Preferences > Advanced* tab that the location has automatically updated. If you can't access the media for any reason just undo the folder rename.

    PS If you really prefer the older layout, but it is already in the new one then edit the file called *.iTunes Preferences.plist* in your media folder and change the integer from 1 to 0 before doing step 3.

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    Thanks for the comprehensive reply. I am aware of the folder structures - both old and new. I changed to the new structure when it was first release years ago. I'll try the process you suggest, although I don't look forward to cleaning up the mess of duplicates (I have over 11,000 songs). My experience is that iTunes copies some songs, but not all. So I'll have to go through each album, by each artist, one at a time, and manually move any files that remain misplaced.
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    The process I gave shouldn't create dupes in the circumstances you have described as the files will be moving from *..\iTunes Media\Artist\Album\...* to *..\iTunes Media\Music\Artist\Album\...*

    If you use *File > Library > Organize Library* does iTunes "think" it is using the new structure or the old?