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I've tried reading through the various posts to solve this and haven't had any luck. Any help is deeply appreciated.

I have an Airport Extreme as my main 'base' for our wireless network. I purchased an Airport Express today with the notion of using it to extend my network in the following way: I want to connect an iMac and a printer to the Express (using Ethernet and USB cables respectively) and have the Express serve as a remote for the Extreme base. I have found a number of websites saying this is possible, but none explain how to. I tried the WDS option, which failed to work. I later saw posts here saying that was not the optimal scenario. I'm afraid the 5Ghz/2.4Ghz settings combined with Airport ID addresses has pushed me past my competency!

Thanks in advance for your help and a festive St. Patrick's Day!

iMac, MBP, MBA, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Can you confirm if both your AirPort Extreme and AirPort Express are the wireless "n" versions? If you have a "square" AirPort Extreme with rounded corners, you have the "n" version.

    Check on the side of the AirPort Express for the Model No. You want to see A 1264 there? Is that the case?

    If both devices are "n" devices, it will be a simple matter to configure the Express to "extend" the wireless from the AirPort Extreme.
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    Thanks Bob for your timely reply.

    Yes, indeed, both the Extreme and the Express are "n." I have the the Extreme set to "Create a Wireless Network" and the Express set to "Extend a Wireless Network." Both devices appear to be functioning appropriately in the AirPort utility. The issue is in Network Preferences. Ethernet's status is "Connected" with the following message "Ethernet has a self-assigned IP address and will not be able to connect to the Internet." Further, the attached printer does show up under Airport Utility>Airport Express>Printers>Shared Names, but I can't print to it from a MBP or MBA on the wireless network.

    Thank you again for your assistance.
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    Temporarily, power down the AirPort Express and concentrate on the AirPort Extreme to make sure that it is functioning correctly, can get an Internet connection, etc.

    A complete power cycle of the network is often useful when you have been making changes. Power everything off, order is not important.

    Wait a moment, (or wait 5-10 minutes if you have cable modem), then power up the modem first and let it run a moment by itself. Then power up the AirPort Extreme the same way.

    Check your settings using AirPort Utility - Manual Setup
    Click the Wireless tab just below the row of icons
    If the Wireless Mode setting is "Create a wireless network", make sure there is a check mark next to "Allow this network to be extended"
    Note the exact setting for Security that is being used
    Update to save any changes

    Post back when the AirPort Extreme is functioning correctly as above and we'll tackle the AirPort Express
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    Turns out, I had not checked "Allow this network to be extended." Voila, it's running smoothly now. I will cycle through the modem/Extreme nonetheless for the sake of protocol.

    Thanks very much Bob. Your willingness to help the ignorant is awesome.

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