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So less than twenty minutes ago I tried to update my iPod touch, knowing it had been asking this for a few days. The update failed, as as of now my iPod Touch is stuck on the picture of the iPod cable with an arrow pointing at the iTunes symbol. I've tried holding the two buttons to force it to shut off, it does- when I turn it on I get the apple logo so I know it turned on, only to get it again. When plugged into my computer, it is not recognized by anything. Going to Computer it doesn't see it as plugged in, and on iTunes nothing comes up with connected objects. This happened to me once in the past and I had to go to the Apple Store to have it fixed... can anyone tell me what to do so I don't have to go to them, or am I gonna have to take some time and drive over to have them take a look at it? Also, when removing my iPod from the computer, i get the sound that you get when you remove something from your computer, meaning it knows it's plugged in, just not reading it for some reason.

Thank you very much to anyone that can help!

If this is posted in the wrong area, this is my first loggin- sorry if I screwed up, mind telling me if I did?

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