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I gave my first generation iPhone to a friend who tells me AT&T will not let her use it "because it's too old." I know for a fact that the Edge network is still in use, so what's the deal?

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    I'm using the iPhone 3GS, but my relative still has the Original iPhone.

    Your friend is wrong. A carrier will still support a old phone. As long as the phone is Tri-band with at least 1900 MHz (Which is used here in the United States) and the Original iPhone does support it. And yes, the GPRS/EDGE Network is still available. Why? Because there are some people who still have older phones and wish not to buy smartphones which costs them a lot of money.

    I'm pretty sure an AT&T SIM card will still work under the Original iPhone. Since the iPhone GSM only supports AT&T.
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    Is your friend an existing AT&T subscriber?

    If so, tell her to take the SIM card out of her existing AT&T phone, insert it in the original iPhone with the original iPhone powered off when doing so, power the iPhone on and connect it to iTunes on her computer. She should be provided the AT&T activation process for the iPhone to activate the iPhone with her line/number.

    If she isn't an AT&T subscriber, did she talk to a salesman at an AT&T corporate store? If so, the salesman is wrong. Tell her to go back to that store and ask to speak with the manager if she is told the same thing, or ask the store to call AppleCare so she can hear the same from Apple.

    This is incorrect. AT&T's EDGE and GPRS network is still available and will remain available for a long time. When an iPhone 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4 are in an area where AT&T's 3G network is not available, the iPhones will be connected to AT&T's EDGE or GPRS network, whichever is available at the time. With a 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4, you can turn 3G network access off to conserve battery. Doing so when in an AT&T 3G network area, the iPhone will be connected to AT&T's EDGE or GPRS network, whichever is available at the time.

    Whoever she spoke with at AT&T is as wrong as wrong can be about this and is probably on commission to sell a new phone.