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Whenever I try to access the iTunes Store, the bar at the top shows that it is successfully connected, and the main page does show, but only for a split second. After that, the screen goes blank and I can't click on anything. The same thing happens when I type something into the search engine while in the iTunes store.

My computer is a Compaque Presario C700. I have Windows Vista. I've never had a problem like this before. Can someone help me figure out what is going on and how to fix it? Email address is aimeelaine7@hotmail.com.


Windows Vista
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    Mine keeps doing the same thing and its making me mad. If someone has a solution let us know
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    I have been experiencing very similar symptoms on iTunes (Mac OS X).  I have seen this once before and it fixed itself somehow.  I am still seeking the answer to your question, because it has now happened a second time. 


    The content is still there sometimes.  When I move my mouse around the blank area on the screen, I see the cursor change from the arrow to a pointer.  I carefully click (hoping I am not purchasing random things) and I can get into music albums and apps.  The view changes and I can see what I clicked on, but when I go back to the previous window in my history (back arrow), I am again seeing an all white screen.


    The navigation elements work on the right side of the window.  I can go into different things like Game Center, or account information.  I just can't browse the main landing pages for music and apps.


    I know I do not provide any answers,... I too am seeking help.  I just hope my post can help someone smarter than me to connect some more dots to find the answer.