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Currently I am using Belkin Surf WIFI router (old model, about a year ago) and the WIFI signal is very weak while i am using the MBA (or Lenovo Thinkpad X61) in my room. The transmission rate is below 20. So usually, I use Cat 5 there. The router is place in the dining room, probably only 40 feet away from my room. Probably due to the wall and door, the coverage is really bad.

I am considering replacing it with another 2.4GHz + 5Ghz router.

I've also tried Belkin Play Max (the new model), but the transmission rate is similar, and the 5GHz network seems even worst. So I would not consider it. I tried Linksys E3000 in other place (not my home), but the setup is a mess (a combination of Cisco Connect and web UI), but the signal seems better.

The Apple Airport Extreme is another router I want to use, due to its capability and, well yes, the design and color. May I ask if anyone is using the latest Airport Extreme and may share your experience? How do u compare it with Belkin and Linksys stuff, especially the signal coverage and speed?

Many and many thanks

Macbook Air 13", Mac OS X (10.6.6)