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Today I thought I had some hardware failure on my week old iPhone 4...

The speaker just stopped working. I made a call, and needed the speaker phone, and when I hit the speaker option, it made a few noises, and went quiet.

I tried a reset, and also a full restore. Nothing!

Apple in South Africa is not the distributor of the iPhone here. Weird. Vodacom, a network service provider is. If one thinks an Apple genius can be irritating and entitled, I invite you to come visit Vodacom.

Vodacom wanted me to give them my phone to be sent up country to be "assessed."This takes 10 working days, but since the official distributors of the iPhone dont have any stock, they couldn't give me a new phone even if they approved a replacement.

By the first few minutes in the Vodacom shop I was about to curse, and went out just to backtrack everything I have done. THis morning I was playing with some Skull Candy earphones in a Apple store while killing times. I had a hunch it was related, and went to the closest Apple store.

on the way, I tried it with my iphone's ear phones... nothing.
In the store, I plugged in the earphones into the phone, and presto. Sound is back!

It doesn't do this with every earphone. Certainly not with the Apple ones.

I hope that this will help others with the same problem!



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