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This seems like it should be so simple but it's not. I purchased a ringtone in iTunes. Once I synced my iphone the ringtone shows up in my music list as a ringtone, but it doesn't show up as a ringtone I can select for the phone under settings. The only ringtones there are the default.
How can I select my purchased ringtone to be used as the phone ringtone?

iphone4 Verizon, iOS 4
Solved by roaminggnome on Mar 18, 2011 5:39 PM Solved
Type "iphone ringtone itunes 10" or similar into the Google search bar. You will find this:


"I have to say, I find it insane that the most user-friendly, intuitive, platform sells you something as a ringtone, but you can't use it until you turn it into a ringtone???????????"

It is true.