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When I use a microphone for VoIP calls or recording, I get a high distortion buzz that pops in and out every once in awhile. It happens with both of my USB mics so I don't think it is the mic itself. (I have a Logitech webcam with a mic and a Plantronics headset mic.) Audio quality when there is no buzz is excellent. If I use ScreenFlow to do a screen recording, I'll hear the loud buzz during playback. It might come in for five seconds and then go away for 30-60 seconds. I don't hear it during the recording process. However, I'm in an online degree program and on occasion, classmates say they hear it when I'm talking. I've tried switching USB ports and microphones with no luck. I thought perhaps I was picking up interference from my Bluetooth Magic Mouse. Switched out the Magic Mouse and now use a Magic TrackPad and still get the sound. My keyboard is wired. Lighting is fluorescent but keep in mind, this isn't a light, consistent hum or buzz. It just shows up once in awhile. Any ideas how to trouble shoot this? It has happened for at least a year.

MP (early 2008);, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    I have the same 50 Hz hum problem using a Logitech USB headset. The problem occurs using either Quicktime to make an audio recording or Screenflow.


    I have tried unplugging the USB, replugging, sleeping the computer. However, I need assurance to know that when I record there will not be a humm.


    It's certainly a mystery!

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    This is the advice provided on the Logitech website for a USB headset.... Sounds like the instructions typical of a Windows device!




    Found here:



    Something not sound right? No sound at all?

    • Is the headset cable inserted fully into the computer’s USB port?
    • Try increasing the volume in both the application and operating system.
    • Try restarting the media application.
    • Close all media applications and make the B530 the default audio device:
      Windows XP: Go to Start/Control Panel/ Sounds and Audio Devices/Audio tab.

      In the Sound Playback/Default Device window, choose the Logitech B530 USB Headset.
      Click OK. Restart the media application.
      Windows Vista and Windows 7: Go to Start/ Control Panel/Sounds/Playback Devices tab. Choose Playback Devices and the Logitech B530 USB Headset. Click Set Default, and then click OK. Restart the media application.

      Mac OS X: Open System Preferences. Select Sound/Output tab, and then select the Logitech B530 USB Headset.
      Restart media application.

    • Using a non-powered USB hub may degrade headset performance. Try plugging the headset directly into a USB port on
      the computer