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    Same issue as all above

    @Jaoros: Fresh startup makes no difference. Turned on my PC after being shutdown for a week (I was on vacation.) After booting, I synced my iPhone 3GS, caught the iOS upgrade, disabled virus software (from previous issues w/ iOS upgrades), and installed it. I then attempted to sync my iPad 2 in order to upgrade the no avail.
  • Jaoros Level 1 (0 points)
    So far that USB no hibernate setting is working for me.
    Fingers and toes crossed.
    Will report back later
  • Lofarl Level 1 (0 points)
    Not its not that my pc has been on for hours at a time. I dont use hibernation or sleep.
  • ninja_pimp Level 1 (15 points)
    Well over the past week, I've experimented some more and the only conclusion I can come up with is, its a problem with ipad 2 and itunes.

    Using windows sandbox I can eliminate all variables like firewall and other things that may run in background.

    lets review some facts about the problem.
    Itunes detects and syncs fine with iphone 4 and ipad 1st gen.
    But after buying the new ipad 2 itunes no longer sees ipad connecting yet iphone 4 still connects fine.

    I connect my ipad 2 to same cord iphone 4 was on, sane same problem wont see it.

    so what I end up doing is connect and disconnect the usb cord until it finally appears on itunes, this may take 20 to 40 tries.

    I went to apple store and spoke to customer service who told me several useless things.
    1) buy a mac and you wont ever have sync issues.
    2) windows has known compatibility issues hence a problem with microsoft
    3) your computer needs an upgrade, why not upgrade to a mac.
    4) uninstall and reinstall, itunes, if that fails, format and do windows.

    well based on that info, I can safely say #1 kinda seems true, I have a macbook, I gave it to my girlfriend to use who also has an ipad 2 and no problems there, never has had any as far as I know.

    so that leaves the fact the problem could be my PC or win 7 but I doubt that because itunes has no problems with iphone 4 or ipad 1, which is the puzzle.
    why wont it sync with ipad 2? I eventually can but requires luck.

    With the minimal apps runnings, in other words just windows and itunes and nothing else, itunes still fails to detect ipad 2 no matter what combination of options I try.

    I assure you its not due to spyware, virus or hibernation, nor defective cables or usb ports. If itunes detects iphone 4 every single time then if I use same exact connection it fails to see ipad 2.

    luckily i dont need to sync my ipad 2 everyday, so i can manage.
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    If anything, that moron at the Apple store makes me sure I would not buy a Mac.
    So far with USB power hibernation mode disabled it is still working for me.
    When it did not work I would know right away because the pc would not chime twice when I plug in the iPad.
    Now, so far, I get two chimes every time.
    I agree with you in the fact that I had a first gen iPad for 3 days before I returned it and that one had no problems.
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    From reviewing it looks like the issue may be in the apple mobile device support service. This is specific to Win 7x64 - I don't know if it'll fix 32-bit installations. I have not yet tried this...
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    Follow-up: Is anyone running Windows 32-bit that has this issue?

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    I have the same problem, but initially iTunes did recognize the Ipad, set it up and then locked up. When I unplugged and replugged it- it decided that it was a iPhone and needed to be restored to it's original settings. Any ideas what I should do? I've unplugged, replugged, plugged the USB in the back, etc.
  • Jaoros Level 1 (0 points)
    Running windows 7 32 bit
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    I just received my IPAD2 yesterday and had the same problems. I followed the examples and trouble shoots with no luck. This worked for me and maybe it will help others.

    Go to your device manager and click on your USB controllers. I found IPAD USB showed a yellow exclamation icon. Once I clicked on the error the system fixed itself and sync with the IPAD 2.

    Hope this helps others.
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    @lightskies: No luck for me there. This is on a separate (work) Win7x64 install with latest iTunes clean installed followed by iPhone4 connect (works), then iPad2 (freezes). The USB device shows no errors.
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    Here is something else I noticed.
    It seems to work much better if the iPad is plugged in already before I start looney tunes.
    So far if I plug it in first and I get the two chirps, iTunes will always see it.
    No chirps, no iTunes.
    Sometimes iTunes seems to hand when it docent work and if I unplug the iPad, instantly iTunes will work.
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    I thank the Lord I'm not the only one dealing with this. I was about to go crazy over this. I"ve had this issue for weeks now. Back and forth back and forth. The worst part of it all is when I have to restore and rebuild my Ipad settings.

    I"m running:
    Dell XPS 14 - 64bit windows 7
    The latest Itunes.

    This is the 5th time I'm restoring my Ipad.
    I'm scared to sync with Itunes.
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    alas, since i'm running win 7 64bit, itunes will not allow you to install the 32bit version. so i have no choice but to run the 64bit.

    now i did consider downgrading itunes from 10.2.1 to 10.1 but when I try this, its not compatible with the itunes playlist.
    I've spent many hours building a pretty playlist and i do not want to recreate it just cuz itunes fails. there is no guarantee that it will work.

    more than likely the problem is caused my itunes version build or firmware on ipad. since itunes and ipad need to talk to each other, its most likely that and until apple spins another build of itunes the problem will plague us all.

    I've been trying for nearly 2 weeks everyday to figure this out. no matter what I try it still wont sync to ipad2. i say it wont but in reality it can sync and has synced before but some odd reason it just chooses to not sync 99% of the time, yet the iphone 4 syncs 100% each time.

    so i sit here waiting for another itunes version build.
    techies at apple store were dumbfounded, their answer was to buy a mac.
    on my macbook it syncs fine!
    i had an ipad 1st gen and it syncs fine to that its just the ipad 2 thats the problem.
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    Has Apple acknowledged this problem?
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