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Everything had been working just fine on my Vista PC up until the new Itunes update was installed. Now, whenever connecting either of my devices, an iPhone 4 or my iPad 64GB 3G, the device appears on the left column in iTunes, but nothing updates, and not only does iTunes freeze, but the entire computer becomes largely unresponsive. (I can move the pointer, but that's about it.) Task manager cannot be activated by Ctrl-Alt-Del, and I need to do a hard shutdown of the computer.

I have tried disabling and (briefly) uninstalled my antivirus and firewall software, subsequent to scanning for viruses and malware (McAfee). I tried removing the library files, in case some aspects of the library became corrupted. I have also examined the support forums and tried some suggestions, but the problem remains.

The only recent change to my computer has been the iTunes update (unless Windows Vista updated in the background, not sure...)

iTunes itself seems to work just fine, so long as I don't attempt to connect a device to it.

Help! Thanks in advance everyone...

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Dell XPS M1330, Windows Vista