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Apple Digital AV Adapter

I purchased an iPad 2, and just bought this AV Adapter for mirroring. It works fine on my new Samsung 3DTV, but not with my other... I have another Samsung HDTV, that's was purchased about 3 years ago, and it does not work with the adapter. It has 2 HDMI inputs in the back, but when I plug it all up, the TV just remains at "No Signal". It's driving me nuts, because it seems like such a simple connection, using HDMI's. Do you think it has something to do with the TV? Possibly, some HDMI's don't all work with sertain model TVs... Any ideas, as to why this AV Adapter will work with 1 TV, and not the other?

By the way, the Samsung 3DTV has a 1080p display, and works great with the adapter. The other Samsung is only a 720p display. Do you think that could cause a problem?

Thanks Guys!

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    I had the same problem when I first tried to connect my iPad 2 to my Samsung TV. I was able to fix it by unplugging the adaptor from the iPad, pressing the home button, then reattaching the adaptor. At this point, my TV recognized the HDMI handshake. Try it and let me know it works.
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    Nope, it didn't work... Don't know what's wrong? Maybe my TVs bad? Who knows????
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    There appears to be some number of screens that the iPad 2 can't drive. I am sitting in a Marriott and the iPad 2 plus Digital AV adapter will not work well an LG 32LC5DCB TV (1366x720). Interestingly, some applications will work -- SlingPlayer for iPad works, but Netflix, Videos, Pictures and Keynote do not.

    Also, Videos on the iPhone do work fine using the same connector.

    I assume there's something with the HD Video drivers on the iPad that are not compatible with some TVs.
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    Anyone having problems should exchange there av adapter! I spent all weekend (trying to get it working) and 3 or 4 trips to apple store before exchanging mine, now it works perfectly! The problem was it was tested in the store and worked so I assumed it was my tv's. I had heard there was some defective ones out there and now I'm proof! Apple was really cool about it as always!
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    Try this. Power your iPad right off using the top switch held down for a few seconds till the red message about shutdown comes up. Still have your HDMI cable connected to the iPad and your TV which you should keep powered on when you do this. Restart the iPad and you should be able to see your screen mirrored on the TV.


    It is common to shut down computers then external AV devices do not recognize the dideo input. Hop this works for all of you.

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    Every day I like Apple products less, may be Apple had secretly merged with the garbage maker the new name is Applesoft. I purchased this adaptor  for my iphone 4 two weeks ago, it was working ok, except the occasional annoying message  "this accessory is not optimized for this iphone", but this is an Apple product, W.T.F?

    Yesterday, it suddenly completely stopped working, I am sure it's not because of my HD monitors and TV, because I tried on four different HD TVs, I updated to iOS 4.3.3, nothing seem to work. for a $40 dollars tiny cable it seems like a big rip off from Apple just like they did with the $39.00VGA cable(which you can get for $2.00 on eBay) except it would not pass the Apple's so called "optimized" rip-off I am going back to Apple today to see the so called "Genius" and demand they give my money back and give me a working cable, they have to compensate me for wasting my time!!