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Dear everyone,

I want to change an application so that it can only be run as an administrator (that you have to type in the admin password before it opens).

How can I do this?

Thank you in advance,

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    That's not how we do things in OS X.
    Each user has a User Account and their own settings and password. Install the app inside that User (icon with a "house") / Applications folder. Not the HD/Applications folder.
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    Dear QuickTimeKirk,

    I solved this problem myself and figured I'd let you know how.

    First off I tried to outsmart the system thinking chowning the app to root wont make me able to open it. I was wrong. if you ls -al in the App folder you can see that all Apps belong to root.

    Since you never have to type in your password to open anything in App folder, there is probably a startup item handling this for you.

    What did I do? Remove it from /Library/StartupItems. Every time I open the app now, max nicely asks me for admin password.

    Yours sincerely,

    PS: "we" maybe dont do things like that in OS X, but I do. Thanks anyway for explaining to me how my home folder looks like.

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