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    hmm, Swap Page works not so great!

    it switches between two tabs, but they are not the last 2 tabs I chose. For example if I am on tab1, I am swaping page to tab2, then swaping page back to tab1 - it works. but if i choose with the mouse tab3 and then pressing the keyboard shortcut to swap page, then I expect to go back to tab1, as this is the last tab I visited before going to tab3.

    Instead, it swaps back to tab2. Which is not what i want. So i think the bug might be the fact that swap page does not include also the tabs visited using the mouse as last visited tabs. Could you fix that please?

  • ra5ul Level 3 (500 points)

    that's why there's also a Set Page shortcut (Ctrl+Space) so you can manually set the current page as the mark or pivot to return to.  i may be able to take mouse usage into account but no guarantees.


    i'll add Ctrl+Tab as a usable shortcut in the next release (2.2.1).


    shroudlupe was referring to an earlier post.  change your view style to threaded in discussion preferences and you'll see what i mean.

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    That sounds great, thanks a lot for your benevolence!


    I had a little progress with Ctrl-Tab, but still couldn't solve it:

    My problem was that every time I tried to set Ctrl+Tab for Swap Page, Safari jumped to the Next Tab. I succeeded to remap the "Select Next Tab" option from Safari's "Window" menu to other shortcut keys by definig the following into System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Application Shortcuts:

    1. press the "+" to add a new shortcut

    2. choose Safari by Application

    3. Type exactly "Select Next Tab" (without quotes) by Menu title, because it must be the exact text of the corresponding option of a menu of Safari (in this case "Window").

    4. Choose another Keyboard Shortcut.

    That way Safari won't jump to the next tab when pressing Ctrl+Tab.

    But because Tab is the key for focusing the next HTML input element in a page, I lose the focus when I try to set the Ctrl+Tab as shortcut for Swap Page in KS. Hope this helps.


    As for taking the tab selection by mouse into account: from my point of view it would be great to have it, as I see it as a very intuitive and usable way to choose the reference tabs to swap between.

    I mean why should I use another keys combination to mark a tab as reference to swap to, when I get these references automatically by simply and naturally navigating to tabs?

    I would change the algorithm like this:

    1. define 2 variables lastVisitedTab and secondToLastVisitedTab

    2. listen to the tab changing events, no matter how they are changed (keyboard, mouse, touchpad) - I am not familiar with Safari's API but I hope this is possible - and set the 2 variables accordingly

    3. use them to Swap Page

    I hope I am not being rude , it's not my intention, I am simply making a suggestion. I really appreciate KS.

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    You can solve this by using Alfred (with Powerpack included, unfortunately not free, but cheap) and the extension BrowserTabs...


    Maybe not the most straight forward solution, but it's genius when first installed...

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