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Bob Caruthers Level 3 (805 points)
Safe Mode is the only way I can use my six year old iMac.
When I boot-up normally, most times I get a black screen or a black and white stripped screen with the mouse pointer in the upper left corner. Sometimes the pointer will respond to the mouse and move around the black or stripped screen. Other times it will boot-up normally but after a few minutes the clock will stop and the mouse will still move but nothing responds to it when clicked.
This all started out of the blue two days ago while reading the mail. When I moved the mouse, it left a trail of green pixels behind. After that, things would not respond to mouse clicks.
The mail has been acting oddly for a few days: It keeps asking for my password and it doesn't want to send a message; it goes into the Outgoing box, etc.
I've done all of the usual suggested fixes (PRAM, etc). I have even re-installed the operating system (not the one that completely whips out the HD).
Does anyone have similar problems and know of a solution?

iMac 20, Mac OS X (10.5), 1.8 GHz PowerPC G5