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I have an '07 MacBook that took an unfortunate tumble and destroyed all but one corner of the screen. I was going to replace it over the summer with a Desktop and an iPad, but I don't want to get the Desktop now as I'm moving soon.
So what I'm wondering is if it would be possible to hook the iPad up to my MacBook somehow and use it as a display so I can access my MacBook until I can buy a Desktop. I've seen a few topics about using the iPad as a split screen for the Pro but I'm looking for it to completely replace my MacBook display.
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    This wouldn't work. You could in theory use one of the ipad apps to expand your macbook screen but you would have to install the app on the macbook and if you can't see enough to do that it won't be possible. Even if it is it will be unwieldy and impractical.

    I would suggest buy a cheap monitor and simply plug you macbook into it... cheaper and simpler and will work much better!

    As for the iPad - just buy one if you want it - you don't need an excuse
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    Without a display it is difficult to configure any Mac. In the past did you ever enable screen sharing in the System Preferences so that you could view your MacBook from another Mac? If so you may be able to install an app that allowed you to use the iPad by first accessing your MB from another Mac over a network. But that would be difficult to do if you never enabled screen sharing.

    If perchance you could install on your MB the apps needed you might look at Air Display for viewing your MB's display from an iPad.


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    I've never enabled screen sharing, but I think there is enough visibility on my MB to do some configurations. The top left corner is visible, about the size of a standard Finder Window. I'm quite lucky because that means that I can access System Preferences and Finder, and from that I can run my laptop to a reasonable degree (it just takes a little bit of point-and-guess clicking in the blank areas!).
    So it is possible to have the iPad be the entire screen? The images I've seen of it screen sharing still has the dock and top menu bar on the normal screen with drap and drop onto the iPad.

    Thanks, this is really helpful!