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Hey, just bought myself a new iPad 32g WiFi. I'm really disappointed to discover I can't get any earphones to work with it at all - even my iPhone 4 and my old iPhone 3 Apple earphone will not work. I've tried a generic brand - they won't even fit properly. The speakers on the Ipad are not loud enough to listen to a movie or anything anywhere there's the least bit of background noise. What's the answer please? I've done an internet search where everyone says push them in harder - I cant push them in any harder without damaging them! Please help!

Ipad 32 gb WiFi, iOS 4, Iphone 4
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    Hey mate, try turning the pad off completely then rebooting it. I lost all sound through any headphones but through the pad it was fine. A full turnoff and turn back on sorted it
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    Have you tried rebooting or restoring?
    Have you tried cleaning the headphone jack out with compressed air?

    Several things could be happening: software issue,the mechanical switch in the port is stuck, defective port.
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    I had the same problem with my first iPad and the problem was, I wasn't pushing them in hard enough maybe that's it?
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    Similar experience with iPad 1 after installing iOS 4.3. Try watching a movie using the Videos app and see if the sound works then. Follow-up with a reset by pressing the Home button and the On-Off switch at the same time.
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    SOLUTION: Headphones don't work on iPad


    I had the same problem: suddenly my headphones didn't work on my iPad. All the headphones (3 pairs) worked on my iPhone, so I knew the problem wasn’t with the headphones. The sound worked fine from the iPad speakers, so when I unplugged the headphones, the sound returned. I called AppleCare Support and tried everything they suggested, including restoring it to the factory settings. Nothing worked, and they authorized a replacement iPad.


    The new iPad arrived, but it had the same problem, so I knew something had changed in the iPad's programming. I went online and found that many others were having the same problem, but no one offered a solution. However, someone mentioned that the problem first occurred after installing the latest OS (4.3.3), which is when my iPad’s problem occurred. Next, someone else wanted to know if there was a mute switch that needed to be turned off. This started me thinking...


    To make a long story as short as possible, I played around with the controls on my old iPad and discovered the following: Apparently, the latest OS has added a safety feature to protect our eardrums (that’s nice, but it would be even nicer to have been notified of this change .. even the support technicians were unaware of it). Previously, when you listened to the audio through the iPad’s speakers, the sound was so low that you had to turn the volume up as high as possible to hear it. Then when you plugged in the headphones, the sound blasted your eardrums as you frantically lowered the volume.



    Now, however, WHEN YOU PLUG IN THE HEADPHONES, THE IPAD AUTOMATICALLY MUTES THE SOUND. When you unplug the headphones, the sound is automatically restored through the speakers, giving you the false impression that there is something wrong with the headphones or the headphone jack.



    So after plugging in the headphones, you have to use the volume button to bring the sound back up to the desired level. When you press the volume button, it will say “headphones” on the display to let you know that you are adjusting the sound for the headphones only. The speaker volume retains its previous setting (maximum volume).


    So, the solution is quite simple… just turn up the volume after you attach the headphones.




    Becky Bear

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    I was so hoping that your solution on turning up volume after inserting earphones in the jack would work for me. I am afraid that my phone jack is to blame - any suggestions?

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    Found the solution for me - earphones not working? Hold down the sleep/wake button until red slider comes up (restart). It will turn off, iPad will restart, the "Apple" appears and then home screen. Earphones worked! I will use this "restart" with other problems first; but, so far, my iPad 1 has been trouble free!

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    This is very interesting indeed....


    I tried the restart option on the advice of the Apple support technician, but it didn't work for me. However, turning up the volume after inserting the headphones works for all my headsets (3 of them). But on your iPad apparently the opposite is true: restarting the iPad works, but turning up the volume after attaching the headset doesn't. Weird.  (When you first pressed the volume button did it show that the volume was muted or did it show that it was set to the level for the iPad speakers? Just curious.)


    I guess the solution for others having this problem is to try both methods and see which one works. I'm glad the volume button works for me. I wouldn't want to restart the iPad every time I want to listen through headhones, but I'm glad you found something that works on your iPad. Thanks for sharing it.




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    I bought my iPad yesterday.  When I plug my headphones in my ipad locks up.  The song or video playing will stop and have no control of the touch screen.  It does this with both pair of iphone headphones.  When I unplug them my ipad works again. 


    I've luck.


    Did I really just spend almost $900 on a machine that I can't plug headphones into?

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    Thank you.. Worked for me.. Just turning up the volume :)))

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    I have this problem on my iPad 3, locking up when headphones plugged in. It only happens with one of three pairs of apple headphones I have. Pulling it out just a small amount seems to make it work. No issues with the other pairs though.

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    I had same problem. I used the reboot solution but as a iOS newbie I didn't get that the speaks still work when you adjust sound via settings. Earbuds work fine when watching YouTube you do have to adjust the earbud volume via the side controls though or woe be your eardrums. So in short reboot, go to a video or music and plug in earbuds/earphones, adjust with side controls, done. All a bit confusing for ex Windows user. As a side note, just got my iPad last nite and really love it already, especially as it was free, won in a competition and never won anything before. I digress, hope this helps other newbies.......:0)

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    Hi there.  I have 2 iPads and I bought a new set of Sony earphones today and they only work with 1 iPad.  This is strange.  I am going on holiday and the iPad that I use for personal use is the one I am having difficulty with - not great if I can't listen to my music on the flight.  Did you manage to sort your issue?

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    Thanks this worked and I have the original version of the iPad.

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