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I'm trying to access my Macbook iTunes library from my iMac with home sharing. I've switched on home sharing on both and the iMac can see the library but there are no arrows, everytime I click on it it asks for the 'shared library password'. I've entered my iTunes ID password (and many others) but nothing is recognised.I've looked at the >preferences>sharing windows and have tried unchecking the password as well as checking it. I don't believe another password has been set up but there is no facility to have it emailed to me. how can I recover the missing password?

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    Welcome to Apple Discussions. I think you might be confusing Home Sharing with Shared Libraries in iTunes, both are similar features but with subtle differences.

    Look through the following support article on Home Sharing to make sure you are doing the right steps to set this up.


    Hope that helps.
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    Home Sharing is not the same as Shared library.
    Home Sharing uses your iTunes ID and password.
    Shared library can be used without password or any password you set up in the iTunes on the computer sharing their library.
    I've switched on home sharing on both and the iMac can see the library but there are no arrows

    What arrows are you looking for?
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    I have turned on shared library on the Macbook and want the iMac to access the iTunes library on my Macbook. On the iMac in the left of iTunes underneath 'Shared' my Macbook library is listed. If i click it I get a password box (as I do on the Macbook) but whereas the macbook accepts the password, the iMac doesn't. I've set this up for my father at his house/another network and both the devices accepted the same password. I can't understand why my iMac doesn't. I'm sorry if I'm being dim about this but i'm exasperated! Both devices are running the latest software and are only a couple of yrs old.
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    Just to clarify, both machines are on the same local network aren't they I.e. Both at your home and connected to the same router?

    If I was you I wouldn't use Shared Libraries but instead use Home Sharing. In iTunes go to Preferences and then the Sharing. Uncheck both Share My Library on my local network and also Look for Shared Libraries, and OK this.

    Now follow the instructions in the following article on both machines to enable Home Sharing. Use your iTunes Store username and password where prompted.


    Hope this helps.