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I accidentally dragged some images from 'all documents' in the finder sidebar to the trash. When I realized they should not be deleted, I dragged them from the trash to the desktop. When I tried to put them back into 'all documents,' they bounced out, back to the desktop. I put them back into trash, then sent them to documents with command>delete and that is where they are now. If I try to delete them from documents, they disappear from 'all documents' and I think I need to leave them in 'all documents' but not in documents. Please tell me how to delete them from documents and at the same time leave them in 'all documents.'

I have looked everywhere for this information but have not found it. I am new at the computer, so please be kind.

Thank you, Arudi

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Your question is a bit all over the place.

    All I can say is that "All Documents" is likely to be under "Search For" (ie. it is a Smart Folder) in Finder. These SF's have ALL your documents in them regardless of where they are stored on your machine (except those in your Trash).
    The same is true of "All Images"/"All Movies"/"All Music". For example with the music one; ANY music (audio filetype) stored on your machine should be listed in that Smart Folder.

    You don't drag items into it at all, as it is not a *real* folder that can be found under a location on your machine, but rather a virtual folder that just lists filetypes of the same subject (eg. audio ones) all together, for easy finding of a file you perhaps cannot remember where you have put it before.
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    Thank you for your help. Yes, I know the "All Documents" is there and what they do, but I have lots of things in "All Documents" that came in emails (jpegs etc), and I thought I would drag some off to the trash just to make more room on computer (cleaning). When I started to empty trash I saw some items I think should be left in "All Documents," so I stored them in 'Documents.' I looked in "All Documents" and they are in there also (and in 'Documents'). I don't want them in 'Documents' but when I drag them to the trash from 'Documents,' they disappear from "All Documents" also, so I put them back into 'Documents' and they automatically go back into "All Documents". I just want to get them out of my 'Documents' folder but want them to stay in "All Documents".
    Thank you, Arudi
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    Find another place on your hard disk for them if you don't remember their original location. The All Documents item is a search result page; items can't be added to it directly.

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    Thank you. I will be more careful when cleaning out "All Documents" from now on. Arudi