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I have an original IPhone silverback. I'm considering the IPhone 4 upgrade but I just want to make sure that reception is better because I have always found the IPhone 2G to have - well poor reception capabilities compared to SE/Nokia/Htc.

Is the IPhone 4 better to maintain a signal than the 2G?


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    I never had the original iPhone. I can say that my iPhone 4 gets better reception than my iPhone 3Gs did. At work, my 3Gs was rarely able to get a signal, even when next to a window. The iPhone 4 always has a useable connection even when several feet away from the outer walls of the building. Calls in low signal areas on the iPhone 4 are also clearer, and I have not had any dropped calls, even in areas with only one bar displayed.

    Overall, the voice clarity is better on my iPhone 4. I also have an AT&T 3G microcell at home, and the calls on the iPhone 4 there are much better (the 3Gs worked reliably with the m-cell, but the sound quality of the calls was inferior).

    So much depends on where you are though, what the cell coverage is like where you actually are.
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    I had a 2g iphone and i would say reception is better. I never see "no signal".
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    Thanks for your answer. Sounds nice. At work reception should be excellent (big town) however at home I'm having 3G signal in the kitchen but only GSM in the living room! In my living room my 2G IPhone has dropped the signal a couple of times. So I need the IPhone 4 to be better than that. Perhaps the signal loss is when the network changes from 3G to GSM? In any case it must be able to do this as flawless as my backup phone, a SE W800i