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I have a brand new iMac quad-core 2.66ghz 27" with 4gb ram and a 1 tb hd. I have had it for about a month everything ran great til about a week and a half ago. I do shut my Mac down every couple days when I'm not going to be using it for a while. About a week and half ago I go to turn on my Mac after a couple days of not using it, and nothing... No sounds no nothing. It's like it wasn't receiving power. I did everything I could based on the forums info. Resetting the smc trying different outlets ect. After a while of messing with it, it finally turned on. I restarted it just to make sure it would stay on and it came back perfectly.

Once again I shut it down as I was going to be gone a couple days. I came back to boot it up and same problem. This lasted about a week and now it won't turn on at all. I bought my Mac in mid February of 2011.

27" quad-core i5 1TB HD 4GB RAM, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Have you tried connecting it to another power outlet, disconnecting ALL external devices that are plugged in just to eliminate outside forces, as it were.
    If you do manage to get it to start you could try booting from the install disk that came with the Mac and run Disk Utility (verify/repair disk) to see if it finds any problems. If you can get it to start up at all you could also try running Apple Hardware Test in extended mode (it'll take a long time) and list any errors it reports, which may help Apple if it has to go in for repair.
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    I don't currently have any external devices. And I have tried plugging it in directly to the wall in several different outlets. I fear I'm going to have to lug this 50lb machine to the apple store in Portland...
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    Hi there! I recently had the same issue with a iMac 27'' - received Jan. 5th this year - I had to get it sent to Apple Service Centre here in Dublin. They said it had a bad memory issue, I will be picking it up over the next day or so and will report back, but I advise you to run the Hardware test, when it actually does start-up. Good luck free repair but it's not too convenient havingf to lug those mothers around!
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    I have an appointment at the genius bar tomorrow hopefully all goes well. I will report back after the appointment
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    Hi there.
    I just heard back from Apple repair Service on this very issue and it turns out to be a logic board problem/issue. They are replacing the logic board but I think because of the Tsunami in Japan the supply chain is a bit slow as the iMac has been in the 'doctors' for over a week. Let me know how you get on with the genius! Thanks and best of luck!
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    Finally received my Mac back from the doctors. Turns out mine had a dead power supply. While installing the new power supply they also found a problem with the Bluetooth, so they also replaced the Bluetooth antenna. Everything is working perfect as of this moment.

    A week is a long time. Mine only took 48 hours as they had to order a power unit because they did not have one on hand.