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I have tried to install Windows XP Pro with Bootcamp but the system keeps "installing" Windows but always comes back to the same blue sreen called "Welcome to Windows Installation". Also it doesn't ask me to choose between FAT, NIFS, etc I don't even know if I still have MAC OS running as the computer gets stuck at the blue screen, no matter how many times I restart. Can you help by any chance?
Thank you SO MUCH

Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Everytime it reboots during the installation, hold the Alt (Option) key. Select the Windows partition, not the Windows installation CD.
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    Thank you. I have tried the Alt option and a new screen appeared with a disc on the left and the icon of a cd on the right both called "windows". I selected the disc on the left and it went back to the blue screen "Welcome to windows installation"? Any help is greatly appreciated,
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    At the Windows Installation screen, try hitting Enter and just let it sit there for awhile and see what happens. If I remember correctly it took some time for the next step to appear. Every time it reboots during installation hold the Alt/Option button and choose the disc.
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    There have been numerous reports of XP SP3 discs not installing properly, some don't ask where the target partition is, some take the entire hard drive (and you lose all of Mac OS X).

    The only valid location is the FAT partition BCA created that will be named BOOTCAMP.

    Windows can see some hidden partitions of 200MB and 128MB and think those are FAT and to be used too.