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I installed 10.6.7 and noticed a couple of things right off the bat that were problematic. The first is that the second display (Which is on the second Quadro 4000 card) is no longer working at all. System Profiler recognizes the two Quadro 4000 cards but not the second display... I cant install the original driver because it states that the newest driver is already installed...

The Second issue I have is that Safari seems to hang... shortly after that I get a black screen of death telling me I have to reboot (that has happened under 10.6.6, but rarely).

Mac Pro 5,1, Mac OS X (10.6.7), dual 6-core 64GB Memory, 2 Quadro 4000 cards
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    Hi VFXMN and welcome to Apple Discussions!

    NVidia has released driver 256 today for Mac Quadro 4000 users which claims to resolve some issues reported by 10.6.7:

    Installing that update on your Mac Pro, running 10.6.7 with an NVidia Quadro 4000 should resolve your issue.

    Best of luck.
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    Laundry Bleach,

    Thanks for the heads up. I downloaded the update but unfortunately when I attempt to launch the installer I get "The operation couldn't be completed. (com.apple.installer.pagecontroller error -1) Couldn't open "NVIDIA Retail Mac Driver 256.01.00f03.mpkg"." (sigh)
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    Nvidia has released a new driver (256.01.00f03v7) tonight that seems to fix all of the issues I have (Safari no longer hangs (weirdly it had to do with javascript!))

    Hope this solves everyone else's issue, too!

    http://www.nvidia.com/content/DriverDownload-March2009/confirmation.php?url=/Mac /QuadroCertified/256.01.00f03/Retail256.01.00f03v7.dmg&lang=us&type=Quadro
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    I´m really confused ! I´ve an Mac Pro 2010 , still running MAC OS 10.6.6. I´m using a QUADRO 4000 for Mac.

    I read a lot of warnings in the net to install OS 10.6.7 by using the Quadro 4000 card, because OS 10.6.7 don´t recognize the nvidia graphic card. And the recommendation is to use the ATI Card for installation and install the Quadro afterwards.

    So , my question is:

    1) Can i install OS 10.6.7 on my Mac Pro ,even with a installed QUADRO 4000 ?
    Or is the workflow to install the ATI card ?

    These scenario remind me on my old PC-times and was sure with a mac i never run in such a question ! :((
    ( My problem ist too, I don´t have an ATI card, because i bought it with the quadro card ) .

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    It is ok to install 10.6.7 with the Quadro Card, but, be sure to download the latest drivers (version 7) and install them BEFORE you do a reboot. For some reason, probably because I have two quadro 4000 cards, I was able to reboot into OSX and then install the drivers, but I have heard that some people aren't able to and have had to install the ATI card. Good luck! (I know what you mean about Mac not supposed to be behaving like a pc... )
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    Thanx VFXMN,

    . I hope really you are right, otherwise i´ve a big problem. I learned somewhere in the big net, i could be done via "target modus". Boot the MacPro put it in "target mode" and control the system disk of the Mac Pro via Macbook & Firewire.
    Oh man, what a discusion ;)).

    I will go your way and install . Really hope it work´s !

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    Good Luck, Thomas! Please let us know how it went!
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    Wow. Exactly my problem with Safari just hanging until it crashes. Also Google Chrome hangs since updating to 10.6.7. It happens with the newest v7 drivers. I had a feeling it was related to the Quadro 4000 drivers and I doubt they spent any meaningful time to make sure it is compatible with OS 10.6.7. I restored back to 10.6.6
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    The latest nvidia driver (v7) seems to fix all the problems. I'm running 10.6.7 with two quadro 4000 cards with no problems so far....
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    Just installed 10.6.7 and the newest Nvidia device. Everything works fine now.

    Puhhhhh ....

    Thanx, for your support !
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    hello VFXMN (and whoever installed 2 Quadro4K cards in their mac pro 5.1 machines)


    generally i'm doing (or trying to do) some research; i want to know if there's a graphic card (or two!) that will boost the performance of my mac pro 5.1 dual 6-core 24GB ram machine with an ATI Radeon 5770 graphics card. i mainly work in after effects and cinema4D.


    i'm curious if my everyday workflow will improve significantly if i buy a new graphics card (i've read that the GTX285 is preferrable only for gamers) - and how much the performance improves with 2 cards instead of 1?

    i'm really eager to boost the performance of my mac when working with motion graphics.


    sidenote: are there alternatives to the Quadro 4000 (or GTX285 or ATI5870) on the steps that i should wait for?