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  • igmackenzie Level 4 Level 4
    89% junk mail aside, I am struggling to see why having this function would be in any way useful. I mean do you guys delete all your emails all the time? Don't you keep emails at all for reference? Do you really not need to keep some emails until they are dealt with?
    Why anyone would want to delete all their emails regularly is completely beyond me.
  • Charlie.S Level 1 Level 1
    It is not just about spam. Imay get 30 or 40 non spam emails that I don,t want to delete 1st a time! I may have looked at them on my iPhone or PC or laptop, and I just want them off my iPad. Maybe this time only, because tomorrow I may look at them on the iPad and delete them 1by1; or I might select them all and then unselect a few to save. Apple ***** at being "editor friendly" in the mail app!
  • Templeton Peck Level 9 Level 9
    I suggest you use an email provider with some kind of spam filtering.
  • igmackenzie Level 4 Level 4
    I guess you're using a POP account if that's how you organise your emails. POP accounts are really not very useful for accessing email via multiple devices.
    IMAP is the way forward.
  • Robert Martin 1 Level 6 Level 6
    I have six email accounts pulling mail in on my iPad. They are for daily reference. I get a hundred or so emails a day. I don't like IMAP accounts as they tend to get a little wonky with access from several different devices. I have one desktop computer that archives all email. On my other devices, I only keep it for a short time. I want a select all function. It's that simple. Has nothing to do with why I want to delete something. And I want it on my iPhone as well. If we can have it on a computer, why not on iOS?

    Whomever turned this conversation to a dissertation on junk mail, your contributions to this thread are frivolous and have derailed a perfectly good topic.

    Now back to the topic. PLEASE get us a SELECT ALL function. For those that argue with the need for it, quit reading. If you don't need it, certainly your life wouldn't be impaired by it.


  • Spakuloid Level 1 Level 1
    What he said.
  • igmackenzie Level 4 Level 4
    There is something wrong with your IMAP accounts if they go 'wonky' when accessed from multiple devices, as that is their main reason for being.
    BTW, I don't think that anyone is arguing about the need for it, some people are just trying to understand why some others feel that there is a need. Simply seeking some clarifiaction.
    As with all these type of topics, the only thing to do is leave feedback for Apple. There is no point in ranting here.
  • David M Brewer Level 6 Level 6
    Write to Apple and ask them for it...

    It was noted at the start of this thread there isn't a SELECT ALL in the mail app. People are trying to help the OP with other alternatives.

    If I have to edit my gmail account with more options that the iPad gives, I log into my account byway of a web browser on the iPad. In the web browser I have the same full function for my email account in the same way that I have on my desktop computer... select all, delete all, make folders, make and edit contacts... this an that.
  • Robert Martin 1 Level 6 Level 6
    What is the workaround for this, then? If I have six imap accounts, and I want to NOT see/retain email on my iPad after I've read it, but DO want to see it on other devices, how do I delete it from my iPad without it affecting the other devices? Regardless of how my iPad is set, if I trash something on the one iMap account I have, it's gone from everywhere. Even with my deleted messages folder setting set to Never. And where is the deleted messages folder anyway? All I have is trash on my .me account.

    Regardless of whether it involves junk mail, mass moving of mail or just selecting all for the fun of it, it doesn't matter. I believe the original post was a bit rhetorical and if it sparks a lot of folks to write to Apple to have them give us a much-needed Select All function, then great. A similar approach got us the programmable side switch which allows us to make it either a mute or a screen lock. When they changed it from lock to mute, more than a few folks were up in arms. People wrote, and now we have what it should have been - programmable instead of the stupid mute.

    Anyway, if you think there should be a Select All function in Mail on the iPad, drop Apple a note. The switch proves they DO listen!
  • igmackenzie Level 4 Level 4
    Sounds like you should be using the old POP accounts. The whole purpose of IMAP accounts is that your mail account is reflected across multiple devices. You are only mirroring what is on the server, so that if you delete a post from one device it will go from them all as your are removing it from the server.

    Incidentally, my iPads are both still set to the 'stupid' mute switch!
  • Spakuloid Level 1 Level 1
    I don't believe that IMAP is superior to POP - they are both different applications and some people should not have IMAP for email. I am using POP for my emails - but on both my iPad1 (when I had it) & the new iPad2 - MAIL tends to freeze up when email is being received. By freeze - I mean the rotation sticks (only in MAIL) - the buttons cease to function - the only response I can get is to close out of the app and the rest of the Ipad works fine. So I think it is more of a MAIL issue than anything else. Doesn't happen on my iPhone4. Just the Ipad. Also - why must I preview EVERY email that I select? It seems that Mail is pre loading emails and that is what is causing the iPad to freeze up.
  • igmackenzie Level 4 Level 4
    If POP suits you, then that's fine, continue to use it.
    I personally cannot see how in this age of multiple devices, that POP can possibly be good for anyone. Maybe if you've only got 2 devices, but even then...
    I regularly use 2 desktops, 2 laptops, my iPhone and iPad. If I was to try and organise my mail accounts on these 6 devices by trying to remember what had been deleted, what had been replied to, etc. etc. I would waste half of each day doing it!
  • coppertrail Level 1 Level 1
    This thread isn't about spam it's about why there's no "select all" option in the iPad mail app. I have to agree with the OP, it's annoying when you have 2-3 days worth of mail in your trash folder and you have to tap edit and then select each message to delete all of them.
  • igmackenzie Level 4 Level 4
    Why don't you change the deleted mail behaviour in advanced mail settings to remove them after 1 day? Then you won't have to worry about deleting them at all.
  • Philly_Phan Level 6 Level 6
    coppertrail wrote:
    This thread isn't about spam it's about why there's no "select all" option in the iPad mail app. I have to agree with the OP, it's annoying when you have 2-3 days worth of mail in your trash folder and you have to tap edit and then select each message to delete all of them.

    The Trash folder does have a "delete all" function.
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