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After about 3 weeks of perfect service with the iPhone 4, I began to receive an error message about 5 miles from my home that unable to connect to server. Would be listening to satellite radio and would get a seaching for the signal message. Had no network service at home - thus no email, internet, etc. However, the three iPhone 3's in my household had PERFECT connection to server.
Phone works perfect once I get to work or beyond the 5 mile zone from my house.

Contacted Customer Support & they advised to return the phone as within the 30 day exchange period - which I did. Apple diagnosed & noted numerous server connection issues & replaced the phone no questions asked.

On the way home with new phone, lost service at the exact same location. Contacted Customer Support & was advised to take phone to Corporate AT&T Store to have them replace SIM card - which they did. On the way home - with new phone and new SIM card - lost service at the exact same location.

Contacted AT&T and was advised no reported service connection issues in my area. However, after being transferred up the chain of command several levels, was advised that they did in fact have an issue with a tower in my area which might be causing the loss of singnal & inability to connect to the server. Repairs were expected to be completed in several days - which they were and my service was restored.

Until this past week - began experiencing the same issue of not being able to connect to the server in the same area as before. Family from out of state vistited with two iPhone 4's and they were not able to connect to server - yet the iPhone 3's continued to work fine. Contacted AT&T this morning and was advised no reported problems with service in my zip code area.

Any input or comments would be most appreciated. Not a tech expert but can't undersatnd why phone works perfect 5 miles & beyond from my house - yet I lose abilty to connect to server when I approach this zone on way home.

iPhone 4
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    When they gave you the new sim card was it just a regular one? Or the 3g one? I'm not sure if AT&T offers them - Tmobile does. And that fixed my issues with connectivity.

    Do you still get a phone signal?
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    So you are saying that it used to work in your house but now it doesn't? I had that issue in December but it turned out to be a tower issue. Inside my home it didn't work, well it did but it would go on and off (reception) but when I go outside it works just fine. The fact that I have never had this issue inside my house before, even when I had a Moto razr, iphone 3G and 3G S did not happen. But now it works inside the house as it was a tower issue and has been fixed. So it may be a tower issue at your place. I have done a few things when it happened. Go to the AT&T store, get new sim card. If no fix, took it to the apple store. Ended up getting replaced, even the replaced one did that, but I just lived with it and one day it was working again.

    AT&T has an app called "Mark the Spot" you can use that the pinpoint your location, and it will fill out the form and send it to AT&T for any issues that your nearest tower may have.
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    Thanks for replies.

    I have 4-5 bar signal strength inside home - but no connectivity to server from a point 5 miles from home. Beyond that point everything works fineperfect. iPhone 3 phones work perfect everywhere - including house.

    Last time it ended up being an issue with a local tower - which was only discovered after spending several hours on phone with technical support, returning phone to Apple for new one - no fix - spending another couple hours with technical support with advice to get a new SIM card from AT&T - no fix - reset phone to factory settings - no fix - and then finally being advised by upper level tech support that " yea - it looks as if we have an open work order on a tower in your area that might be the issue." They were able to advise that the tower work was scheduled to be fixed in a couple of days - which is was & everything worked fine. AT&T did pinpoint my exact location by address & initially determined the signal strength was STRONG in my area - which was initially true. Until last week and same issue.

    Can't imagine that I am the only iPhone 4 user in this area - but AT&T advises
    that I am the first call from this area to report a server connection problem. They reviewed my previous call in history & noted the tower problem - but first line technical support does not show any tower issues & they want to try & trouble shoot again & if that fails will transfer me to advacned technical support. Given the last episode & end result, it would be nice if they could just come out & say it is a tower issue instead of wasting hours trying to fix again.
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    For what it's worth, started having server connection issues at locations that used to work fine. Still lost all connectivity at exact same spot 5 miles from home last night - BUT this morning everything up and running fine - even at house. Never had call back from AT&T technical support last night as they had indicated upon my initial call - but previous promises by them to call me to follow up never happened either so not surprised.

    Just wish I could get a direct answer from AT&T on why this occurs as this was second time that I was unablre to connect to server at exact 5 mile distance from my house. Both times it lasted around a week before all service restored.

    Thanks for input all.